Do I have to give monthly or can I become a REAL Partner by making a one-time donation?

You can become a REAL Partner by giving a one-time-donation of $360 or more, or by committing to give $30 or more monthly.

Am I a CMI REAL Partner if I give every month?

Yes. With a pledge of $30 or more, you are considered an CMI REAL Partner.

Why am I asked to register with the site at the time of my partnership?

In order to give you access to our exclusive online REAL Partner area, and to alert you to special gifts and offers, we ask that you register with our website so we can provide you with your own Login and membership to the areas of our website.

Can I have CMI automatically debit my bank account or credit card each month?

We can automatically debit your credit card each month. Please indicate that you would like to make a recurring gift at the time of your donation.

How do I change the amount of my monthly gift?

After logging into at the top of this page with your REAL Partner username and password you can access My Area to edit your account and REAL Partner commitment. Your changes will take place with the next deduction cycle.

Can I choose a date for my donations to be deducted?

Whatever day you sign up to contribute will become the day of the month that your contribution is deducted. For instance, if you enter your card details on July 15, your deduction will always be within a few days of the 15th (allowing for weekends, holidays, etc). If you would like a specific date, please contact our office at (800)-730-6264 and they can make the change to the date for you.

Can I give online?

Yes, just log into your account and designate a gift—one-time or recurring. If you do not have an account, please create one.

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