2017 — A Year of Miracles, a Year of Glory!

What an amazing year we have had at Chavda Ministries! Bonnie and I are rejoicing in the Lord as Mary said in Luke 1:49, “For He who is mighty has done great things for me.” That is our declaration as we crown this year. The Lord has done great miracles and touched so many lives as we carry the glory to the nations together. Join with us as we end the year in joy and celebrate with expectation even greater things in 2018.

Here are some of the highlights from this powerful year:

  • In Lafayette, Louisiana, a woman injured in a severe car accident was instantly healed of pain and numbness. Hearing was restored by a word of knowledge, and dozens received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
  • In Minnesota, a father testified his son was restored, is on fire for the Lord, and leads Bible studies in their church after Mahesh prophesied that an angel was going to set his son free from addiction.
  • Creative miracles flowed in Pennsylvania as people who were missing cartilage in their knees and joints were healed. A man with severe spondylitis was instantly healed and able to stand up straight and walk with ease after Mahesh laid hands on him.
  • Proud grandparents joyfully shared the news that their daughter had a healthy baby boy one year after Mahesh had prophesied she would have a baby by the end of the year.
  • On Pentecost weekend, Mahesh ministered in Phoenix, AZ. He began to share about the time he welcomed the Holy Spirit to a meeting and all the transformers blew and the lights went out. A couple in the audience began waving, “We were there! We were there!” They said, “When you welcomed the Holy Spirit, there was an immediate BOOM! All the lights went out. There was such a glorious presence in the meeting that a woman got up out of her wheelchair. Their nephew was healed of a congenital birth defect that affected his arm and his heart.
  • In Ashland, VA, Mahesh released a powerful word: “The drought is over!” A pastor visiting from Nakuru, Kenya took hold of that word for his drought-ridden nation. At the end of the meeting, he called his family in Kenya to share the word with them. While he was on the phone, it started to rain in Kenya! Within minutes, the region was drenched in a mighty downpour. After returning to Kenya, this pastor sent us pictures of thriving gardens.
  • A few weeks later, in Seattle, Mahesh declared that same word of breakthrough and restoration. A couple in the meeting claimed “the drought was over” for their estranged son who suffered from mental oppression. As they walked out of the meeting, their phone rang. It was their son!
  • Mahesh prophesied that Seattle would be one of the key places where a mighty river of fresh wine and oil would start pouring out for the Northwest and West Coast of the United States.
  • A former missionary shared that she read Only Love Can Make a Miracle to a secular class of children. After reading the chapter where Jesus visits Mahesh, she asked the class who wanted to receive salvation. Every child received Jesus that day.
  • As we were ministering in Buffalo, NY, we met a family who received a word from Bonnie about provision for them and their ministry. After that prophetic word was given, they received a supernatural supply of $22,000 for their ministry.
  • At our Ignite Conference, a woman whose marriage was dissolving was healed and delivered in the thick presence of the glory. She said, “God touched me in a deep way. I stood in the back and felt something in my heart shift. I started crying and I couldn’t stop. When the bells began to ring [during worship] I felt electricity go through my body. When I left…I called my husband and told him I was sorry and that I love him. For the first time in a long time, I meant it.”
  • Mahesh had a word for people who had loved ones in comas. Noelle stood up for her cousin who had been in a coma for several weeks. Three days later, he came out of the coma and all the symptoms of trauma and PTSD were gone. 
  • Celia stood up after Mahesh gave a word of knowledge about epilepsy. Her niece had severe epilepsy that had led to brain damage and developmental delays. Three days later, her niece happened to have an MRI. The nurse, who didn’t know the child’s history, called with the results and said her brain was normal. After further tests, the results came back normal! All seizure activity had stopped and all the brain damage had disappeared.
  • A sweet dog, Sasha, was dying of terminal cancer. Mahesh prayed over her picture and gave her owner a thread he had prayed over to put on her dog’s collar. Sasha was healed. Her cancerous sores closed and her fur began to grow back. During her next visit to the vet, she was full of energy and excitement, and the vet was in shock. All her labs came back perfect, and there was no sign of cancer in her blood or urine. Sasha was completely healed.
  • Mahesh and Bonnie ministered to people from 27 different nations at the Full Gospel Businessmen’s European Convention. A woman from a Muslim nation was in the meetings. She was a Christian because her family was Christian, but after the meetings, she said, “I have never experienced the presence of the Lord like this. I am so hungry for the Lord. I don’t care about anything else anymore. Now, I want to follow Jesus.”
  • Emmanuel said Pastor Mahesh prayed for him in Kinshasa, Congo when he was eleven years old. When he got home, Jesus visited him and called him to the nations to minister in signs and wonders. He gave his life to the Lord that night, and now has churches in Kinshasa and Belgium.
  • Pastor Lukunku said he had never seen miracles or experienced the presence of the Lord before he came to the meetings Mahesh held in Kinshasa. He was awed as he stood there and saw people healed before his eyes. That night, Mahesh prayed a commissioning prayer for missionaries. He now leads a congregation in Belgium.
  • In Switzerland, Martin and Ruth shared that their son had miraculously been delivered from drug and alcohol addiction, been released from a jail sentence, and become a follower of Jesus since Mahesh had a word of knowledge for their son last year. One year later he is drug free, jail free, and a brand new father.
  • We ministered to hungry people in former East Germany. They responded quickly with great hunger as Mahesh gave words of knowledge. A woman was healed of mental oppression, and many received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

As this year draws to a close, we ask that you consider sowing into this great work that the Lord is doing across the world. Lives are being changed and people are being transformed as the gospel with power goes out. Additionally, we have been able to help the First Nations tribes in America with some of their greatest needs, and are feeding the poor in Jerusalem. Your end of the year gift will help us go forward to reach even more lives across the world, and together we will see greater miracles and glory in 2018. Click here to give your gift today! Bonnie and I are so thankful for you, and we send our love and blessings for a wonderfully blessed new year!

                                                                                                        Your servants in Christ,
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