Watch Report — August 17, 2012

Watch Focus: Back to School


Lord, Have Your Way!

Know therefore that the Lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations... (Deut. 7:9, ESV).

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by the lighting of the Shabbat candles. And the Watch Leader cried out: “Lord, show us Your glory tonight. Have Your way in this place tonight. Mountains move as we ask in prayer. Have faith in God!”

Message:Mahesh Chavda

We are God’s legislative assembly; a gathering of people who legislate like Congress and Parliament. Legislative assemblies make laws that rule and have order over other nations. You are the legislator.
Ephesians draws seven pictures of the Church including His assembly, His workmanship, His Body. We are prophetically called His Bride; it is a mystery of God. He loves you so much and wants you to be by His side for all eternity. You have a purpose and a destiny.  And you are equipped for the nation.

This is practice hour. When we say, “Let’s praise the Lord”, we are going to permeate the atmosphere over Charlotte. The more You’re in His Presence, the more you know who you are and can speak in the name of Jesus with authority from God.

We are gathered here tonight. We have been ringing bells and blowing shofars. These are sounds vibrating the atmosphere as we stand as Bride and legislator, the assembly. Speak and legislate.

The murder rate was reduced when we first started the Watch of the Lord ®. These are critical times. As a father, I say, “Go and be part of the corporate assembly to speak blessing over our nation, neighborhoods and children.” It’s a critical time. This is a major election; we can determine by declarations in Jesus’ name, whether we go down the road of poverty and debt or blessing and prosperity. You have authority. You learn to be Jedi warriors. You carry the force of God with you.

In a few days, we’ll have a few thousand people coming for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on September 3-6. The eyes of the world will be on Charlotte for the DNC and Tampa for the Republican National Convention. We pray for the anointing of God to take control. We pray protection and shalom. We pray that Charlotte will be used as a tool in God’s hand to the glory of God. I’m proud of you. Put God’s priorities first and He’ll take care of yours.

Psalm 149:5-8. God has released you as warriors of Jesus Christ to bind demons and cut the head off principalities and snakes. I’ve seen instant healing and deliverance. Only believers can release captives from bondage. Whatever principalities are coming against our nation, we can bind those evil powers. We have this honor in Psalm 149. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Let every demon over this nation get out of here. Their time is up!  Glory!!!

As we establish the foundation of our Lord as God and King, we put ourselves right here as God’s people. We get instruction to be equipped in context and definition. Christians are supposed to come as leaders. We equip the leaders. Exercise these principles. We have hundreds of pastors watching. It’s good that we get equipped. There’s an aspect of your being. God has a purpose and destiny for you in the Kingdom of God.

The headlines today say that Israel will soon be destroyed. God has told His people to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. It’s possible for us to be educated. We get informed first of all by the Holy Spirit but it is good to know what is happening in the news. It could be next week that Israel will be forced to declare war on Iran. We are intercessors for Israel. We pray for peace. It’s a demonic principality ruling. Our prayers can affect it. When we shout and ring bells, it’s a weapon. Praise and bring down strongholds.

The opponents of Egypt’s president want to bring back crucifixion.  This is almost unheard of. Our God is a great God and we must be awake. How many of you saw the movie 300? It’s a true story. One Spartan was great. They were effective. You are being trained in the place to be like those Spartan warriors. The Spartans saved Western civilization. Some say it was a million man army against 300. The 300 stopped them for three days and that stand changed history.

Ephesians 6 and 2 Corinthians 10. When Jesus came, He told demons to get out of people and cultures. Iran has an evil regime. Pastors and leaders need to wake up and train their people how to use their weapons. The forces of darkness are gathering. This is the time to rise up and kick them out of our nation, our cities and our neighborhoods.  

How many of you know there was an attack on August 15, Wednesday? A domestic terrorist waged an attack against the Family Research Council (FRC). There are Christians who have been awakened. Focus on the Family and other wonderful Christian groups are representing Christian values. So a gunman went to massacre the FRC. I would be upset if I found any of our members treating anyone in a bad way, but we have our values.

We’ve never seen a marriage between a man and an elephant or a snake. Marriage is between one man and one woman. Some want to change it. These extreme groups called the FRC a hate group. There was a wonderful guard at the FRC who subdued the gunman. The Spirit of the Lord came upon the guard and he put his life on the line. The gunman was later found to have had Chik-fil-A sandwiches in his bag as a statement of protest along with more ammunition. Tony Perkins, President of the FRC, says it’s an act of domestic terrorism. One of the leftist called every Bible believer a hate group. We believe the Bible and one man, one woman marriage. We won’t deny or back down from Jesus Christ as Lord or the Bible as the leading source. They are trying to push back and make us fearful. We are committed to advancing the faith.
Also, the law may say, “Hold off drilling in the coast of Louisiana; It will negatively affect many lives.” But yet, we purchase oil from other nations like Saudi Arabia. We have lobbyists both for and against drilling.
So the Bible tells us to be awake. Arise and shine for your light has come. The Bible is the leading source.

In this hour, what do you do? Call God’s 911; Psalm 91:1-11. We’re not going to allow fear. It’s a demonic force trying to come against us. You get afraid and begin condemning and accusing. God does not give us the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7.

We want to put our children in the blessing of God no matter their age. It matters what you say in your house. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so… I will say of the Lord, He is my shield and buckler. Do not use your tongue as a negative weapon where our atmosphere is concerned. You want to bless and encourage. Proverbs 18:21, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”  Never criticize yourself or family. It captures them as a power.

There was a woman who brought herself under a curse from her own mouth. I couldn’t pray for her until I asked her what she had said about herself. For years she called her legs “thunder thighs”. Her tongue controlled her body. There is power in our words.

We must set the right atmosphere. Jeremiah 1 tells us to be alert and active. God is watching over His word to perform it. Release the word of blessing over your children and others. Be in the atmosphere here to break the yoke. Tonight, break any wrong words spoken over you. The Lord is your Shepherd. Psalm 23:1.

You have to be wise in what you speak over yourself. Your words are a direction setter. James 3:3-4. The movie "Sink the Bismarck" was a WWII movie where a German ship was sunk by the British as they hit its rudder and it broke. If the tongue is out of control, the whole ship is out of control. Speak the promises of God. Fear makes you say the wrong thing. Joel 3:10. I am strong! Zechariah  4:6.  Sow words of life. Release words of life to others.

I remember a season of a lot of teenage girls slowly dying from anorexia. After a while, there is a smell when your body is dying. There was a demonic spirit lying to them by saying they were too fat. Someone began saying words to them at a young age. They were captured by demonic criticism. Our tongue should be used for healing.

On 25 June 1899, four Denver newspapers reported that the Chinese government was going to tear down portions of the Great Wall of China, pulverize the rock, and use it to build roads. A representative of a syndicate of Chicago capitalists was credited as the source of this information. He had supposedly shared the news with reporters in Denver while en route to China to bid on completing the demolition project. Within days newspapers throughout the country picked up the story, but later found it was not true. The Chinese were not planning to tear down the Great Wall.  Decades later a rumor began to circulate suggesting that when the news reached China, the Chinese had become so furious at the idea of Americans tearing down the Great Wall, that they took up arms against Westerners in retaliation. This, the rumor claimed, was the cause of the Boxer Rebellion. Watch what you confess.

We are confessing Psalm 91:1-11 over us, our family, children and nation. We make a stand. Luke 9:11. We release healing. We are in the secret place and all is well. When we take communion, it is a reminder that we are covered in the Blood of Jesus. The shadow is the Presence of the Holy Spirit. In the secret place, the Lord is outside and His angels are protecting you. I am releasing that for every Christian organization and the family of believers and our nation. We are hiding in the Person of the Lord.  He is giving His angels charge over you.

We want to bless our kids. No evil can befall them. We release holy angels tonight as secret agents. As we praise Him, we can release angels for all who stand for Jesus. Daniel was delivered from the Lion’s Den.
I really sense in the coming days angels will bring heavenly realm glory. Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered.

Blow the shofar and rings the bells.

Tonight for Israel, Great Britain, America, Charlotte and every family represented we ask God to cover us with His feathers. We take refuge under His wing. We will not be afraid. We call on the name of Jesus. Jehovah Rapha, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Shalom, Send Your angels over Israel. Perfect Your word, Lord. Put Your feathers and wings over Israel. We call on the name of Jesus. Show us Your salvation.

Someone here tonight, you have a touchy appetite or stomach. The Lord is delivering you tonight from digestive problems and allergies and fear of animals. You’re scared of cats or dogs. Another person has a child that has nightmares. No terror by night. Be free in Jesus name.

We want to pray for the children and the group from Korea. Praise Him!


  • Israel: Isaiah 54:17. Bless Israel. Peace for Jerusalem. We will give you no rest until You make Jerusalem a praise. We pray for an outpouring of Your Spirit over Iran. Visit Iran. Guard and protect Israel. Give their leaders great wisdom.
  • Troops:  Psalm 91. Tread upon the lion and serpent. We bind the spirit of murder and violence over Afghanistan. Loose Your angels that not one would be harmed. Set a snare for those setting snares for our troops. Surround the platoons. You have given us a voice. We ask for Your government to come down. Turnaround! No retreat. Spirit, rest upon the nation. Our troops are chosen to stand with courage. Gird them and help them be courageous for the day of battle.
  • Children: Pray that they will stand firm in their decision to follow God; favor in school with teachers, peers, facility, etc...; revival to come to their schools because of them; ease school work...wisdom and understanding and for their future positions…doctors, lawyers, governors, presidents, etc... We lift up teachers, administrators, school board and parents.
  • Charlotte:  DNC, Queen Charlotte, home of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence. One speech, one purpose to glorify man, like the Tower of Babel, but God will confuse their language. We pray God’s authority over every leader that is coming to Charlotte to see what’s going on. May the Lord go forth with His Spirit and the language of the enemy be confused. Visit us afresh with new direction. We pray that the seed would begin here. Protect our city and airport. Release angels. We say NO to any crazy plots. This is our city. Safety over the DNC. No harm. We take authority and release the prayers of the Watch of the Lord ® and saints. We will serve You and Your purposes. We ask for men and women with hearts after You. We stand in that place and say this is ours! Don’t let them speak their own plans. Open our eyes to those You have chosen. Rattling bones are coming together. We will hear the cry of our ancestors. We pray for all the seats in the Senate and Congress. Move in those willing to unite with You. We pray that You will fill the seats. Give them a plan to promote righteousness.

Scripture References

Isaiah 54:13; Psalm 22:6, 91:11
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