Watch Report — July 27, 2012


Watch Focus: Bless Israel and Ring in Revival for the UK and America


Make a Joyful Noise unto the Lord!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth and sing for joy, yes, sing praises! Sing praises to the Lord with the lyre, with the lyre and the voice of melody. With trumpets and the sound of the horn make a joyful noise before the King, the Lord! (Psalm 98:4-6 AMP)

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by honoring our Jewish roots with the lighting of the Shabbat candles.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

I am proud of you who come and get amplified at the Watch of the Lord ®. Your amplitude determines your attitude. Your attitude determines your altitude. Your altitude helps you take the prey. The Eagle Christian takes the prey. You consume the snake. Snakes are not afraid of chickens. God wants Eagle Christians. Amplitude is getting in harmony with God’s sound. You have spiritual sonar. Have you seen The Hunt for Red October? Give me one ping only, ping…. That’s amplitude. Those who are listening will hear. People who mature then have their senses exercised. When your senses are amplified, you have discernment in the realm of the Spirit. It’s God given. You can discern between good and evil in the spirit. Certain sounds of music may be weird but then there are other vibrations I can stay in.

Exodus 28:31-35 says “You shall make the robe of the ephod all of blue. It shall have an opening for the head in the middle of it, with a woven binding around the opening, like the opening in a garment, so that it may not tear. On its hem you shall make pomegranates of blue and purple and scarlet yarns, around its hem, with bells of gold between them, a golden bell and a pomegranate, a golden bell and a pomegranate, around the hem of the robe. And it shall be on Aaron when he ministers, and its sound shall be heard when he goes into the Holy Place before the LORD, and when he comes out, so that he does not die.”

We’re talking about how you worship the Lord through sacrifice. Before Jesus, we were all separated from the glory of God. But these people had ordinances; they were covenant people. They took the blood of bulls and goats to release the glory. And now through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, He is the One who makes it possible for us to receive the glory. In the Old Testament, we see types and shadows. You can see a shadow of a cow or person and you can see its form. In the same way you can see in the spirit through revelation.

Today you are blessed to know Jesus; and in the Old Testament, we see types and shadows of how to come into God’s Presence. The high priests show how to go into God’s Presence. The Lord gave models. When the blood sacrifice was accepted by God, you could hear the bells ringing on the bottom of the high priest’s garment. The ultimate sacrifice was Jesus. It is more powerful than anything. On the day of Pentecost you hear the sound of a mighty rushing wind. The Sound came from heaven by the Holy Spirit upon the acceptance of His blood. There was a supernaturally released blessing to every tribe, every tongue…the blessing of the Holy Spirit. Jesus promised we would be blessed through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

There are certain things that impact the realm of the spirit. We got the Holy Spirit as Gentiles. Today, bells rang across London, England. The national request was put out for everyone who could ring a bell to do it, every person, every church. The ringing of bells was major in the history of Great Britain. It was called the Ringing Nation. But the bells have been silenced to quite a degree. The bells rung at the inauguration of the Queen and at the Victory in the wars in Europe. Bell sounds impact nature. You hear in the natural but it is connecting in the realm of the spirit. The high priest wore bells and they were attached to worship. It meant something to God. Make a joyful sound unto the Lord. It pleases the Father. He sheds abroad His choicest blessing. You and your children are blessed.

I remember my sons were declared terminal, but in that day, the Lord blew the healing shofar over them. Resurrection glory came and healed them. I will always worship and thank the Lord. The more you come into worship, the more you will be a carrier.
One of Derek Prince’s (our spiritual father’s) significant prophecies was how the Lord showed him that before His coming He is going to pour out His Spirit in an amazing, mighty way to touch Great Britain. A great awakening will come and touch Great Britain and the United States, totally overwhelming the land. When it comes, it will transform you, your family and release prosperity over the land. Joel 1 and 2 speaks of famine and then there is fasting and praying. This is how you seek My face and it brings supernatural response of restoration. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, famine will cease. You will get a supernatural touch from God that will break every chain.

There are commonalities of things. We heard the bells throughout Great Britain. We stand from the Watch of the Lord ® blessing Great Britain. We cancel any terrorist attacks. There is a sound happening; the sound of the bells ringing. There is a congruency we pick up. England is ringing again with church bells and the sounds of bells are connected with revival. My secret weapon today is my bell. Double barrel with the shofar and ringing of bells.

On the other hand, there are demonic things that come over cities and nations. There is light and darkness. Isaiah 60 and 61. This is a school for the Ninjas and Jedis. You are advanced in the glory and the love of Jesus. Some of you are already beyond black belt. You are commissioned to carry it wherever you are. You are in touch in the glory and you have the language of heaven inside of you to speak to your atmosphere. You have the authority of God Almighty.

The first thing John Arnott said to me when he came here was, “Do you remember the story of Lillie?” When I was in Toronto, I suddenly stopped everybody and I pointed to a lady and said, “I see you with a baby.” She had so many female problems the doctor told her it was impossible to have a baby and she had given up hope. Nine months and two weeks after that word, they had their dream baby, giving all credit to the Lord. That word was a promise from the Lord that overcame every physical difficulty. You are anointed to speak and do the stuff. You are going to carry something special. Connect with the supernatural realm of God to bring revival and healing to our nation, city, families and neighbors. We are bringing in the sound of something that is connected with His visitation.

On the other hand, Isaiah 60:1. This was one of Derek’s prophetic Scriptures about one of the last generations. It is about the last day church; arise, shine! There is a battle between light and darkness. You will see ongoing examples to discern light and dark, good and evil. We want to do it with love and compassion but not double-mindedness. We must have singleness of heart and mind. In the beginning Love created the heavens and the earth and Love separated the light from darkness. Where Love is makes a distinction between light and darkness. There are demonic realms.

There have been some recent tragedies: Colorado, the Senator in Arizona and this week we hear about Chik-fil-A. Dan Cathy has been severely criticized for standing up for God’s values. We want to welcome God’s values and the Holy Spirit.

But the bells rang today in England. A lot of scholars believe sound connects with something else. Jubal, Genesis 4:21. We have a sense of hearing that God has given us to make harmony that is pleasing to us and God. When Jubal started the whole thing of music, it was thought to be connected with bells.

Exodus 15. After a great miracle, there is a sound. They all sang a song. God has destroyed the enemies. These are important when your children need deliverance. With deliverance comes song when God does a miracle. How many of you want miracles?

Exodus 15:20. Miriam led a minimum of a million women in tambourines and dance. God looks down and says, “Those are My daughters giving thanks and worshiping”. And He blesses them more. Sound begins a cycle of blessing. You will have a history of miracles and deliverances. We need to cultivate and steward the sound of thankful hearts. We want the cycle to continue. When He is pleased, He will give rain in dry seasons and bless your children. The sound of the timbrel, bells and shofar; these sounds for glory incite an emotional response. Your ears respond to the vibration. In the same way as in the natural so in the spiritual. As you respond, there is a response in the realm of the spirit.

One of the interesting things is that extreme Islamic cultures consider music, dancing and singing to be evil and cursed. They will try to kill any kind of music show. You can see the fruit of this thing in the oppression of women. They will blow up any school that will teach girls. This killing spirit will get uncomfortable with the sound of glory. The demonic thing responds and makes them uncomfortable with music that harmonizes with the God of heaven.

Bells in Christian culture correlate to the sound of the shofar. Bells heard from miles around tell us to come to the House of the Lord. Come and worship; the House of the Lord is open. Revival preachers like John Knox and George Fox would ring bells. What’s happening in the natural is releasing something in the spirit realm. The church bells would sound at 6:00 am. Wake up and light the fire. The curfew bell would ring at 8:00 pm. Every few generations God’s people would go to sleep. It’s time for God’s people to wake up and arise.

This week I got an email from my son in law in the Navy. This week the US Navy sent out a communication to all officers to carry out this work on October 13, 2012 to mark the birthday of the Navy: the age-old practice of sounding the bells. The ringing of the bell signifies that someone is keeping the watch. They are going to have a week long celebration and there will be a day of ringing bells on every Navy ship across the world to commemorate the watchmen that kept the watch. The Navy has been keeping watch. They have radar to see that no missiles are coming over us. They are ready standing watch over our nation. This is the natural realm.

Before I married Bonnie in the early 1970s I would keep the watch. If you are a spirit filled Christian, you are ringing a bell. In the Crows Nest there would be bells signifying the enemy approaching. This is going to be part of the new wave. This bell ringing letting us know to do battle and see victory as never before. Ringing of the bells penetrates in the spirit. It is a declaration of victory for our children, our finances. George Whitefield rang the bells during the Great Awakening. We declare today therefore, church anointed warriors rise up and let’s do battle and declare the victory of the King of glory. This is one of the qualities of the glory sound: every demon has to bow and run like a chicken.

Present your family, your kids and we’re going to make a joyful sound. There is a tradition for the ringing of the bells on Christmas Eve. The devil hates the sound of the bells. We declare Jesus is Lord. Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered over my family, city and nation. We make the sound of revival and say the Great Awakening is at hand. We welcome You, Holy Spirit, to America, Charlotte, North Carolina and South Carolina. Holy Spirit, thank You for all the miracles and deliverance for us, our family, America and elections. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

Everyone came up and rang their bells.

How many of you saw the double rainbow over this area when you came? It was over our church in this area and also in Ashland where Pastor Bonnie and the team are. It is a signal from the Lord that God is giving a promise and going to fulfill it. Receive that word today that God is going to answer our prayers. It’s nice to make a noise but power is multiplied in larger numbers. Part of us does not understand because our culture has trained us, but we need to return back. We want to restore the culture. We want to make an easier place for the people of God to be debt free.

When we went to Korea, there was such a move of God. When the church doors opened, the house would be full. God is blessing and pouring His fire out of them. It is economically amazing. We can’t slide on the past generation’s blessing. We must pray in revival and awakening now. God wants to restore this land. I want this hall and every hall open on Sunday to be packed out.

In times past God would hit people with the glory and they would be rolling on the floor. We were fanatics. Cane Ridge revival people would be in the glory for seven days. They would have to lift them and put them on carts to take them home. It was just the Presence of God. We are praying for that and more; every home will be filled with that and more. People want to be around the glory. In the days of PTL, this region would be the most visited place. Something was happening that brought people.

With every move there are certain things we can do better. I am just hungry for the Presence of God. In the Welsh revival the bars were empty and there was no one to be put in prison. People were in the glory. I pray Chicago gets a visitation along with Detroit and Pennsylvania. The spirit of fatherlessness will be changed by the glory of God. I want Charlotte to be murder free, gang free and a drug free zone.

As we shout unto the Lord it does something. Shout with a voice of triumph. Any oppression or discouragement will leave. Angels are here dancing in the glory.

Prayers and Impressions

We prayed for Great Britain, Israel, the Church and our Pastors. We rang our bells between prayers and proclaimed the word from Derek Prince that revival would come to the UK and the U.S. An anointing was released for doors to be opened that have been shut with no possible way for man to open them. These were ancient doors where strongholds kept them shut. The Lord is giving new grace to those opportunities to where supernatural means would open wide those doors to minister in parts of the world that formerly haven’t been opened. That new opportunity would carry with it new levels of revelation and signs and wonders and it would impart fresh impact on those being ministered to.

Scripture References

Genesis 12:3; Isaiah 62:6-7; Psalm 12;

Prophetic Songs/Words/Visions

  • Word: A bell is not a bell until you ring it, a song is not a song until you sing it and love is not love until you give it away. It was in my spirit. Mahesh and Bonnie have been teaching on love. The conference message was on love and also spoke of bells ringing. I agreed to get up and ring the bell at 3:00 am. Before the alarm went off I had a dream. As I was going out to ring the bell I am walking in the darkness and all the watchmen are with me ringing bells and glowing from the inside like fireflies. All around the outer rims of my property were angels with the watchmen that came to ring the bells. I knew I was not alone in the darkness. We are all in this together. When my alarm went off at 3:00 am I thought I had already been up. I had the best time ringing my bell. I want to encourage you all. Isaiah 60:1-3.
  • Word: Early Tuesday morning at 3:24 AM, my wife and I were both awakened by the sound of a ringing bell. We sat upright in bed, looked at each other, and asked simultaneously, “Did you hear that bell ring?” And we answered almost simultaneously, “Yes. Did you too?” It would have made a good comedy routine. The bell sounded like a church bell that rang just once. I got out of bed to look out the windows to see if there was any physical reason why a bell would have rung. I saw nothing. The nearest church is about a mile away and I don’t think it even has a bell. We did not have any message from God or anything like that – just a bell that rang once loud enough to awaken us both from sleep. My wife probably thinks that my waking up is a miracle all by itself because I sleep so soundly that she has a hard time waking me up if she needs something. On Tuesday, we told key leaders in our Watch about this incident. The husband proceeded to tell us that the same thing happened to him about 3:00 AM that morning. He thought it sounded like a doorbell, but they don’t have a doorbell in their house. He also heard it ring just once. We all were puzzled by this because we got no revelation from God about what it meant. As I thought about that today, I received the understanding that the bell was a signal that things here concerning Revival in Charleston are about to go on fast forward – sort of like the ringing of the stock market bell every morning to signal the trading day has begun.
  • Vision: When we were getting ready to pray for Israel, I remembered a vision that Pastor Bonnie had where Jesus was standing on the pinnacle of the temple with one eye on Israel, watching over her, and one eye on America in expectation. The expectation was that America would remain strong and fully support Israel.

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