Watch Report — June 15, 2012


Watch Focus: Honor our Fathers


Identify Your Mountain

You will bring them in and plant them in the mountain of Your inheritance, In the place, O Lord, which You have made For Your own dwelling, The sanctuary, O Lord, which Your hands have established.(Ex. 15:7 NKJV)

We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by lighting the Shabbat candles.



Message: Bonnie Chavda

You possess something and Someone because you’ve been born again. We have a promise from the eternal covenant, fresh, loosed and alive just as the day He stood outside the tomb. He is calling your name tonight so everything inside you should awaken to fellowship with His Presence and to live in a mountaintop experience.

It’s not the mountain you’re speaking to; it’s the Mountain you speak from. Live in an awakened awareness of His Presence. I encourage you tonight. Enter into His rest. He reminds us He does the work that saves you, a supernatural extension of manna. There is a resuscitating breath.

Vision: I see people carrying burdens. I want to invite you in an act of faith. Gather it up, make it tangible, bring that burden and plop it down by faith.

Gerald Manely Hopkins wrote: “And for all this, nature is never spent; there lives the dearest freshness deep down things; and though the last lights off the black West went; oh, morning, at the brown brink eastward, springs; because the Holy Ghost over the bent World broods with warm breast and with ah! bright wings.”

The Holy Spirit is called the Comforter and His name is Helper. He is the Lord Almighty. The God Who dwells in the room is in us. Zech. 4:6. By Your mighty Holy Spirit we enter into Your rest. The Spirit is on me. Breathe folks, breathe! He is the resuscitating breath. The One Who brooded over the world when there was chaos. We enter His rest tonight. We leave all these burdens to be consumed by Your love.

Job 22:24-27 (ESV): “…if you lay gold in the dust, and gold of Ophir among the stones of the torrent-bed, then the Almighty will be
your gold and your precious silver. For then you will delight yourself in the Almighty and lift up your face to God. You will make your prayer to him, and he will hear you, and you will pay your vows.” The Holy Spirit is the author of this book. He gives us a sweet promise of encouragement. I decree this word over you. Let us not let the world wear us out; let us turn that garment inside out. We are the children of the King. Nothing is better than the realization that He is God! As you have shifted your value system, like Naaman in 2 Kings 5:27, you receive an internal transformation. We can’t buy favor from God. Naaman was awakened to the Living God. We are living by a different value system.

This week I heard a story of a man who called 911 at Grateful Deli. The call went like this…

Caller: I specifically asked for um...little um..turkey and little um... ham and a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise...and they're giving me a hard time and I'm wondering if you could stop by and just...
911: Who is this?
Caller: I was just wondering if you could um...
911: You're calling 911 because u don't like the way that they're making your sandwich?
Caller: Exactly.
911: So then don't buy it. Just walk away and don't buy it if they don't wanna make it the way you want it.

This is the growing culture. Your tax dollars responded to this call. The nature of our 911 call is a little different: “Help us return to the Lord and to decide a matter and it will be done.”

I want to tell you an inspiring story and dedicate it to three young men. I get charged when I embrace Jesus. When I hear of heroes, it reminds me of Jesus.

When war broke out between Spain and the United States, it was very necessary to communicate quickly with the leader of the Insurgents. Garcia was somewhere in the mountain vastness of Cuba; no one knew where. No mail nor telegraph message could reach him. The President must secure his cooperation, and quickly. What to do! Someone said to the President, "There’s a fellow by the name of Rowan who will find Garcia for you, if anybody can." Rowan was sent for and given a letter to be delivered to Garcia. Thus, "the fellow by the name of Rowan" took the letter, sealed it up in an oil-skin pouch, and strapped it over his heart. In four days he landed by night off the coast of Cuba from an open boat, disappeared into the jungle. And in three weeks, he came out on the other side of the island, having traversed a hostile country on foot and delivered his letter to Garcia. It was a journey of faith in un-navigated straits. That war turned on one man’s mission accomplished. “Get a message to Garcia!”

In my lifetime, I have witnessed our culture shedding its noble identity. Shedding a quest for nobility, cheapening it and going after temporary compensation. I believe there is a call going out if we will hear and answer. We are being called back to the Mountain of God.

This challenge, this call; Rowan had nobody but him. No one else can accomplish the task that God has given us. Times of discomfort and uncertainty may lie ahead but we have His company and others faithful to Him. We have Chariots of Fire. We have His Spirit in us and All Mighty authority. Jesus said, “All authority has been given unto Me, now go!” So, call afresh to the divine nature that is the mission of your very existence and charge. Your task is yours and yours alone. Rise to the occasion. What are your priorities?

I want to talk about mountains and the spiritual dimension around us. The Bible is filled with events and stories of people’s lives that happened in mountains: Isaiah 2 and 4; Daniel; and Kings. The mountain is a changing point. Mountains represent authority, powers and administrations.

Daniel served in three administrations and the kings were wicked. God arranged for Daniel to be abducted and placed in Babylon to serve those mountains. Why was Daniel there? He had a mission. He saw the challenge and knew what it meant and stood fast uncompromisingly. God made Daniel rise and shine and the authorities confided and leaned on God. He employed fasting and refused to bow to gods. He has an encounter as God laid out all these kingdoms. Dan. 2. At the time of his encounter, Daniel sees a Stone made without hands. It comes down and hits the feet of all the kingdoms of the world and the kingdoms fall. The Stone that hit the feet knocked it off balance. The statue is shattered; as the dust clears, the Stone begins to rise. Jesus is the Stone, first born of many sons who will become stones of His House. The Stone becomes a Mountain that fills the whole earth. His Kingdom, Body and House. We are members of that Stone. We should always be living in a mountain top experience. Luke 18.

What mountain do you speak from?

Exodus 24:9-11. Men see spiritual dimensions of the Kingdom of God as pavements of sapphire. Next Moses was called up to the mountain and there received the law and the commandment.

In Revelation, John was on the Isle of Patmos and in the Spirit saw an open door. We have gone through the door. John saw a Throne and One sitting on it.

2 Kings 6:15-17. The day that Elisha got his calling is the day he got his mantle. Elisha saw the chariot. It’s the Mountain you speak from. The iron axe head floated. He heard the plot against the wicked king. Don’t be afraid. Fear is our biggest enemy. Throw off that beggarly robe and have childlike faith. My prayer tonight is that you would receive fresh personal confidence. You are dwelling in the Mountain of the House of the Lord. Matt. 17:1-3. Sometimes, oftentimes, it’s when we’re fellowshipping with like-minded believers, where two or three are harmonizing. Moses stood with Jesus in the Promise Land. And Moses and Elijah are with Jesus in two dimensions here. Where the Lord is, there is all authority and the curtain is removed. In Matthew 17:4, Peter interrupts and in verses 5-6 the Holy Spirit intervenes.

Just this week, David McCullough gave his kids a commencement speech: “Achieve Something First”. David McCullough did the science and said, “Even if you're ‘one in a million’ on a planet of 6.8 billion that means there are nearly 7,000 people just like you.” God told Elijah he wasn’t by himself, He had 7000 reserved. 1 Kings 19:18.

Maybe we need to stop so much internal chatter and shhhh! Let God be God. In Matthew 17:7, “…Jesus came and touched them, saying, ‘Rise, and have no fear.’” My prayer is that you will feel a personal confidence that He’s got you in His grip. He says, “Get up! Go! Don’t be afraid! Look up!” When you make Him your choicest treasure; shut up, look up and get up.

Stand up. Thank you! We are unusual people living our lives interfacing with the invisible and touching the intangible. Come Lord, revive and refresh your servants. Here we are in Your Mountain. Thank You, Lord, for Your glory. Get us in tune. Strike Your fingers across every heart and recalibrate us to Jesus. Let faith rise. We welcome and acknowledge Your Presence, Master and Savior. You are very present Lord.

Word: If you are struggling with a sense that God is not real, I want to invite you to come near. There is a gap where fear has overtaken you and doubt has overwhelmed you. There is healing tonight from sleep deprivation.

Scripture References

Eph. 4:6, 6:1-3, Gen. 18:19, Mal. 4:5-6; Ps. 68:5

Prophetic Songs/Words/Visions

  • Word: We are in a place of victory and breakthrough. It’s in your praise. Ps. 100:4. His love is vibrating. Enter with the password, “Thank You!”. Ps. 34:1-3.
  • Word: I came tonight with an impression about something that happened with my natural father. He showed me how He gave me a lift so He can give me rest. Father’s Day is difficult if you didn’t have a father and your child doesn’t have one present. A friend of mine called and her life is a mess. The Lord reminded me of when I had back surgery. I recovered in my parents’ house. I was so desperate to get sleep. I lifted my head up and took steps one at a time. I felt somebody helping me up the stairs. It was my natural father. The Lord spoke and said He is like this as a Father. He is behind us helping us get to that place. Heb. 4:9-10.


I thank the Lord that I followed the lead of the Holy Spirit. I misplaced my paycheck and looked all over. My husband told me to ask the Holy Spirit because He knows everything. I asked the Holy Spirit and He told me to go back and get a CD from the last conference so I could listen. I was going to drive and retrace my steps from the previous day. I went to the bag where the CD was and I found $3. The Holy Spirit asked me what I was going to do with that $3. I told Him I would give it to Him and as soon as I made that commitment, my eyes were opened and I saw my check on the dresser behind my son’s picture. The $3 is a memorial of breakthrough! I made the decision first then the blessing came. I declare breakthrough in this house tonight.

My wife and I own two homes. We would like to sell one of them but we can’t get rid of the house. The house is being rented but we need the money to make both mortgages. We were not able to finance. I said, “Lord, You know”. We called the bank and asked what we could do. After many closed doors, we had a banker from Arizona call and say we can knock off three percentage points at no extra cost. Instantly, the new loan became active and we are making money now. Glorynomics!

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