Watch Report — June 8, 2012


Watch Focus: Pray for Syria!


Ask, Seek, Knock!

So I say to you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you (Lk. 11:9).


We welcomed the Presence of the Lord by lighting the Shabbat candles.


Message: Mahesh Chavda

You are getting your batteries charged tonight. You’re getting plugged into the King of Glory.

Psalm 46: 1-3. God is a safe place to hide. I am fearless! God is fighting for us. He is protecting us. Don’t be passive. It is healing and encouragement. Jesus is the Living Word and you get inside Him. He lets you touch Him.

I was praying for a baby in the Manor. I took that baby and held it in my arms and the glory came over it. There are times when you need to relax like a baby. Things around us make us uptight. RELAX! Declare that the God of Angel Armies is protecting me and my children. There are members of your family that need deliverance. Faith is a living realm of glory. Like an egg soaked in pickle juice, we can be steeped in the juices of the Living God. Pick up the colors of the Lord. Sometimes the shell gets so hard the juice is not able to penetrate.

Psalm 46: 4-6 (MSG), “River fountains splash joy, cooling God's city, this sacred haunt of the Most High. God lives here, the streets are safe, God at your service from crack of dawn. Godless nations rant and rave, kings and kingdoms threaten, but Earth does anything he says.” There is deliverance tonight from shadows of addiction and broken relationships for yourselves and for your loved ones.

Psalm 46: 8-11. The realm of God is above politics. We will get the victory. We bless Israel. We pray for Syria. God of Angel Armies hear the cry of Your people! Jesus, Your name is above every name!

Mahesh gave a word of knowledge: Someone’s dad needs healing. He needs a breakthrough. God is not passive. God anointed you for your assignment.

John 15. In the presence of the Word of God, you are in the presence of miracles. Anytime the Word is being administered in the glory, you are in the atmosphere of miracles. But miracles need a catalyst and the major catalyst is love. If there is no love, the Holy Spirit cannot be the reagent to bring you into the higher, fuller things. Certain luxuries you cannot afford. No bitterness, critical, or legalistic spirits.

John 15:16. He chose you. For you and I personally, the church, The Watch of the Lord ® and the Church Universal. we have a certain degree to say in the role for the United States of America. I want to say we started a prayer relay for the nation. We are putting out a call and blowing the shofar—sign-up to take a day and focus on the issues..

In the Old Testament, they would blow the shofar to announce battle or that the king was coming. We are going to do the same battle for our nation. We have seven prayer points. And you can find the details [here].

Some of the targets are:

Jesus is Lord

No other god and no other value. There is darkness I cannot comprehend. In Pakistan there was a wedding celebration. Four women wrapped in layers of clothing were clapping and singing at a wedding. The local court condemned them to be executed. Our leftist media doesn’t mention this. They hide the sharia darkness.

There is a spiritual war. We are blowing the shofar against the spirit, not flesh and blood. We declare freedom from oppression, humanism and Marxism. We keep out every perverted value. We must stay strong in our values and come against the spirit of enchantment and witchcraft. It is time for battle in the realm of the spirit. It is crucial to our elections. This is a historic time as of June 1. There is a prophetic window open.

Submit to God and resist the devil.

God has given you spiritual weapons against spiritual battles. This past week on June 6 was the commemoration of the D-Day Landing. Men and women sacrifice their lives to set people free. You can see a little in movies like Saving Private Ryan. Some movies are still in archives because they are painful and can’t be shown. But we didn’t hear one word about D-Day Landing from our President.

If you walk the beaches of Normandy, you will see burial grounds of young Americans. I want to honor their memory. We salute these soldiers today and honor these brave American soldiers and bless them in Jesus name. When we visited that area many years ago. Bonnie was pregnant with Ben. We walked through these burial grounds of 18-21 year-olds. There were hundreds and hundreds of them. We must choose our values and resist the devil. They fought Hitler but we fight something more evil where resistance and hatred are there.

I use to run a restaurant and we would cook thousands of pieces of chicken. Some days you would have less traffic and you could smell rotting chicken. Wake up your senses and you can discern between good and evil. Awake the sense in your spirit. Bind that demonic thing. Take the place to bind that thing and pull it down. The Holy Spirit will do it. A wrong spirit of the prophetic came but with the anointing you, will pull down strongholds and bring in the fragrance of the Lord.

Other targets include: Come Holy Spirit, National Elections, Bless Israel, Heal our Economy and we end with Thanksgiving and Praise. In the anointing we are committed to pray as watchmen and I believe in the power of prayer.

John 15:16. Chosen! When you’re chosen, you have the authority. You can enter because God has chosen you. Authority. Coptic Christians have been in Egypt for 2000 years. Syria is the same. They are being driven out.

John 15:16. Go! With authorization, there is activity. Authorization and activity. Go into every part of the Carolinas and say, “Do you know Jesus?” But say it with joy! People are suffering without Jesus. We are to bring forth fruit. We are to reproduce ourselves. What are you reproducing?

Certain things I see happening in the nation and I am excited. A fire will spread through the high schools and colleges. It will come through the next generation and they will teach their teachers. We allowed pollution to come. Planned Parenthood in the high schools and now in California, an abortion clinic right in the high school. If that is the kind of thing we use our wealth for we say, “Lord, forgive us”. No way will we kill our babies. We need to claim our kids for Jesus. Revival is coming. I am glad to see the young people here. I want them to be more fierce and zealous for Jesus. Fruit that remains. We are going to be so full of revival that it will be greater than all the fires of the previous revivals.

John 14:13, "Whatever you shall ask in My name." May that be your scripture!

Luke 18:1-8. God has a prophetic vision for you. God is going to be opening doors of opportunity so you can put your DNA into every door that God wants to open so you can mold businesses, schools, write books and music. Inject the power of miracles and wonders! God’s chosen. Where He sends me, I am going. God will set Syria free.

Luke 18:1. Like the persistent widow, men ought always to pray – the words “ought to” is actually a command and not a suggestion. You must pray and do not lose heart. It means that if you don’t pray, you will lose heart. Do not separate yourself. You are partnering with Jesus. Be joyful! Pray and don’t get discouraged. It’s not up to you. Don’t look at the delay, pray with persistence. George Mueller, known as one of the mightiest men of prayer in the 1800’s, prayed for 60 years for two friends; in the end, they both got saved. Bonnie added that we must pray with enthusiasm; pray with joy! The Righteous Judge will give you breakthrough. Delay is not denial. His kingdom never ends; it never ceases. It is necessary to pray with enthusiasm!

Open windows for us and our nation. Thank You, Lord! Mahesh called everyone to gather around the altar.


  • Syria: Blinded eyes will be open to see more with them than against them. Rise up leaders called like Esther for such a time as this. We stand before Your Throne asking that Your purpose and plan come to pass. Blind the enemy with darkness and raise up Your anointed. Let them reign through Syria. Raise up those called to make a difference. Raise up children of Jesus Christ. Your plans will come to pass. Isa. 45. I will go before you. We pray in faith that You will break through supernaturally. Open the windows of heaven. We pray peace in the land. Turn what was meant for evil to good. Give them great strength. Energize them by the Holy Spirit. We ask for fresh waves of glory to surround Your authorized people to tear down and bind up. Joy of the Lord surrounds them. Let the Spirit of the Lord raise up their voices. Open their eyes to see the more with them. The Almighty of heaven is with them. You, God, are above government. Let God arise in His people.
  • Military: Great strength, wisdom and deliverance for every child serving for our freedom. Isa. 54:17, Ps. 91. Give them eagle eyes. Give them heavenly strategy and let a holy hush resonate with them. Put them on as a glove. Let Your light rise up. Protection is upon them. Cause the Christians in the military to rise up.
  • America: Micah.7:17-18. Thank You that You delight to show mercy. We ask You to come forth to break down our enemies. Heal the disease in our nation. Restoration of our foundations. We pray for godly people to get elected. We pray for Isa. 45 where God used Cyrus. He was God’s anointed servant. Put Your servants into positions of influence and power. Let these prophetic words come to pass. Give us leaders who do not kick against the goads. Act 9:5. We ask for leaders with moldable hearts conformed to Your image. We speak to the dry bones of this nation and call the breath to breathe on them. We prophesy to the dry bones. Revival. Breathe on the elections. Come Holy Spirit and breathe on the dry places that many would come to Jesus.
  • Families: American families stand for honorable marriage with one man and one woman. You are the Generational Curse Breaker. The family was originally designed with a husband and wife. Healing to marriages. Raise children to Your will. Children are like arrows in Your quiver. Take authority of families. We pray rebirth to men as they step up and become the leaders in the home. Men, husbands and fathers are being called forth as Your leaders. Amen!
  • Revival: Stand up together. Let Your glory shine through us. Brotherly unity. Revival in America and the Church. Come forth like a tidal wave.
  • ANC: Bless us with revival and miracles. Bless our pastors, they are amazing leaders. Bless the families of ANC. There is no lack. Bless the pastors’ books and materials. Release prosperity. Thank You for blessing our church in Jesus’ name.
  • Israel: Peace. Bless Israel for all she has been since Abraham. Bless her as a nation. Expand her borders. Give her political success on every side. We pray for the children. Shine Your face upon them. Shalom. It will be a great day when Your covenant returns to Jacob. Worthy is the Lord.

Scripture References

Acts 1:8, 2:4,38, 10:44-46; 19:2-6; Rom. 8:11, Heb.2:4

Prophetic Songs/Words/Visions

  • Word– Bonnie Chavda: During the last few weeks I’ve been seeing the Throne of the Lord. A couple of weeks ago someone brought a dog for healing. The dog’s bones were bent. I got a word, “He keeps all His bones and not one of them is broken”. I didn’t know there was a dog or the condition. I got confirmation from that living word. I turned and saw the dog getting prayer. We saw this word come to pass this week when this dog’s bones were healed. Last week God gave me a word, “Not one of us will be lacking or without employment.” I heard, “Young lions do lack and suffer hunger.” David sang to the Lord in a unique time. “I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth.” David wrote this Psalm when he was running from Saul. He went in the temple and got the weapon from a former victory. He came to take refuge in the city of his enemy. He had been anointed to be king and he is pretending to be insane. He made himself repulsive to his enemy. All is going wrong and bizarre. The king kicks David out. He is humiliated and flees into the cave of Adullam. All the discouraged people gathered to him in the cave. This is where he sings Psalm 34.
           Psalm 34 contains both of these verses about the bones and about the throne. This is a living word for us. This psalm is an acrostic poem, the verses of which begin with the successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet A-Z. He is Alpha and Omega; the Beginning and the End. Jesus is present from beginning to end. Open your heart and receive this living word tonight. Our first level of deliverance is from fear. Pray for the Syrians that God will arise to the prayer of the humble.
  • Vision: I saw a picture of Christians in Syria becoming translucent as God was protecting them. Protect the Christians and blind the eyes of the enemy.


One of our watchmen was doing business at a hospital when they announced Code Blue! The woman shouted the location and it was right where he was standing. He began to pray in the spirit. A rush of healthcare professionals came running. The Holy Spirit told him to watch. And this revelation came to him: the person on the floor was like the Syrian church in the spirit, and the people running represented the watchmen. The woman announced, “Anyone not actively participating please leave”. Watchmen are actively participating in the restoration and reformation of nations and the Church.

 The Watch