Watch Report — April 13, 2012


Watch Focus: Syria


Promise Land Provision: Milk and Honey! No Limits!

If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, “a land which flows with milk and honey.” (Numbers 14:8 NKJV)


Message: Mahesh Chavda

Shout, for the Lord is giving us the city. We are loosing the power of agreement. Grace upon grace will fall upon you and give you breakthrough. We have seen creative miracles. When the glory cloud manifested, more than one thousand people saw golden particles from the glory realm. The people said they had never seen the glory. This is a place of His Presence. He lets us have peeks into His glory from time to time. During the Azusa celebration, a group of delegates came from the Philippines and stopped at my book table. The head of the delegation saw the recording of the glory cloud manifestation and said, “We can go home now, this is what we came for”.

We want to be in expectation. You are a unit the Holy Spirit fills. In Acts, Peter’s shadow healed people.

I was holding a miracle service in Mexico. Unknown to me, some people of faith brought a dead body; and in that meeting, he was raised from the dead. There are no limits in God. We are coming to this hour. Don’t look back, go forward. Let the dead bury the dead.

God is speaking to us and you must learn the language of the Holy Spirit. God wants to communicate with you. I feel the vibration of the Presence of God. God has a language and you get to understand. He confirmed His word with signs, wonders and miracles.

When you see a school sign, you have to slow down. When you see the sign, you read and interpret the sign. Some are prophetic signs that let us know what God is saying. You must be a disciple. God uses you as a container of the Presence of the glory of God.

God blessed Abraham as the father of many nations. He wants to give you more if you share it with others. Give it out! If you bless others, He will keep pouring it out. Just one word from the Presence can bring change. We are people of the Presence.

Woman’s Testimony: Yesterday, my sister was in surgery due to cancer. I was fasting and around midday I went downstairs and there was a swarm of bees covering our backyard. I first wasn’t sure what they were; I thought they were flies. I called my husband and he confirmed they were bees. You could hear the buzzing noise through the window. Suddenly, they drew together in a singles mass on a branch of our apple tree. While this was happening, a song came up in my spirit by Andre Crouch, I just want to take time to thank You for what You have done. We then called a pest control company to see if they could come to get rid of the bees. The pest control person told us they were honey bees. He never saw a swarm that settled in mass like that – he excitedly called his boss and wanted to take pictures. He told us that honey bees are rare and that we are not allowed to harm them. He also explained that the honey bee is good and a sign of a healthy environment. We then remembered that our neighbor used to be a beekeeper and so we called him. He said that he would come to transport them to his old beehive that he thought was dead. When he opened the beehive, he found that it was loaded with honey. He brought us a jar of the honey with the honeycomb.

Mahesh continued: These are significant things. Honey bees carry pollen and when they pollinate a field, those crops come up in abundance. We are Holy Spirit filled people. God can speak to you when you are mature and you learn to read the signs. This was unusual.

Woman’s Vision: A couple of months ago, I had a vision I shared with Bonnie. I was walking in a grassy land and I was about to go off a cliff. An invisible bridge formed. I saw this lush land. When I got to the edge, a bridge formed and I walked through. I saw two waterfalls; one was honey and the other milk. Over the waterfall was written the word “THERE”.

Mahesh continued: In the natural, God is speaking to His children. Bees are a symbol. Sweet as honey. The Lord is saying something and I want you to surf on the wave. Jump in. It brings you into the Kingdom of There!

Last night something special happened. North Korea has oppressed their people and killed many of them. The Leftist think that Communism brings freedom but it’s oppression. North Korea went ahead with a missile launch against all agreements which was a threatening move to that region and beyond; but the missile exploded shortly after take-off before it could do any damage.

Woman’s Vision: While I was praying this week, I saw a picture of Mahesh and Bonnie carrying the glory to South Korea and it spread like a virus to North Korea.

Mahesh continued: We are going to South Korea with a small team and we are going to speak freedom to North Korea and glorify God.

Hear the song and join the dance. Pick up the rhythm. On the 100th year anniversary of the Azusa Revival, there were rains in Death Valley and flowers that had not been seen for over one hundred years bloomed. That was a sign. The Azusa Revival brought millions of people into salvation. Rain equals abundance like the honey bees. The honey bees are coming!

Exodus 3:7-8: The Lord knows your name. Get into congruency with the fire of God. Be in worship. Yield to the purpose of God.

Thousands of bees came to speak and say there is honey in the land. Bees are a sign of harvest, abundance and prosperity. God’s promise is that He will bring us into a land of milk and honey. There are vineyards in the Promise Land.

Joshua led the Israelites into the Promise Land. Joshua is the same name as Yeshua. Just like Joshua led the Israelites, our Jesus brings us into our Promise Land.

Milk comes from cows. When you have cows, you are blessed. Milk produces cheese, butter and cream. You have to milk the cow daily and often several times a day. So milk represents a source of supply every day.

Honey comes in seasons – spring and summer. And so it represents seasonal blessings - seasonal times in your life that bring super abundance.

And the Promise Land represents His Presence being with us. He is giving the Church His Presence. Exodus 33. My Presence will go with you. We first need the Lord’s Presence. His Presence will lead us into the Promise Land. Promotions, scholarships, healings, etc… God has Promise Land provision! Luke 6:38.

Declare: I want everything for my family and nation. A constant supply of milk. Special doors open in seasons of super abundance. I am a carrier of the Promise Land provision and I can open the door for others.

We have to have the fighting spirit - for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. Sometimes the devil will give you difficulty. You’ve got to say, “No Way!” to the devil. No Fear! Be of good courage. Your children and grandchildren will receive the Promise Land blessings.

Bees do the impossible – their wing span is too short to support their body. And bees are busy serving the queen. Learn from the bee that you will do that which is completely impossible. And be happy when you serve the King of glory!
No Limits - both milk and honey!


  • Syria: Ps. 91. We call them Yours. We plead the Blood of Jesus over them and ask for wisdom for their leaders. We pray the government will go forth with the knowledge of You. Give them dreams and visions. The heart of the king is in Your hand. Help them to wait on You for the game plan. Speak into Syria. We speak to the government and declare that you will bend your knee and allow God to give you the strategy. Thank You for the land that flows with milk and honey. Send peace. Dispatch angels into Syria. We declare safety. Syria is a powerful heritage. They were the first in many things: Sermon on the Mount, Deacons, and first called Christians there. We call Syria back to its biblical foundations. Break political oppression. Break off Islam. Set the captives free. We stand together in agreement against the prince of Persia and do battle on behalf of the Middle East. Bless Syria now in Jesus name. You are bringing Syria into Your abundance.
  • Israel: Ps. 122:6-9. Rev. 12:14. Protection, safety and great provision. Peace. Thank You for the apple of Your eye. We speak peace to Jerusalem and the Israeli people. Help them stand on Your word. Thank You for being a shield of fire around the nation. Michael and the hierarchy of angelic host will stand watch over Israel. We stand with them shoulder to shoulder, side by side. Thank You for dancing in the streets.
  • America: Judges 5:6-8. Release the milk and honey. We are walking out of Egypt. America is a land flowing with milk and honey. People will look to You. Bring the honey bees back to America. Grace like rain for the upcoming elections. Those like Esther will come forth and help lead the country back to its spiritual roots. Thank You for the coming elections. You are setting the stage for a radical shift. You have given us the city. Favor in this time, for You are with us. There is light in Goshen. We bind the lying spirits of deception and enchantment in the media. We pray for wisdom and clarity. Give Americans the spirit of wisdom and revelation. We pray Your people will rise up. Freedom to enjoy this nation comes from You. We lift up the Primary on May 8. Give us wisdom. Help us to know who is Your chosen vessel. Help us!
  • Charlotte: We pray for evangelism in Charlotte. The harvest is ready to bring forth souls. Restore them to the Father’s love. Souls will come weeping. Lost sons and daughters will be baptized in the Holy Ghost. Angels are ascending and descending in this place.
  • Trip to South Korea: Ps. 2. Your hand is already upon this team. You are giving them the opportunity to bless the people of power. Thank You for Your glory spreading to North Korea like a virus. Viral glory! We ask for Korea as an inheritance. Thank You for revival hitting that country. Thank You for Your people in that nation seeing prayers answered. We pray against any opposition. We declare the glory bubble over them from the Watch of the Lord ®. Let Your glory flow over the Demilitarized Zone. Supernatural salvation and revelation in signs, wonders and miracles. Fill up Mahesh and Bonnie and impart Your signs, wonders and miracles through them. Let Your Presence go before them. Safety, strength and health for the entire team. Good weather. No delays. We plead the Blood of Jesus over them and unity. Divine appointments. Isa. 54:17.

Scripture References

Acts 9:3-4; Isa. 19:23-25; Eph. 6:12

Testimonies: Treasure Hunt

  • Report: We ministered to over 55 people. We had a clue about singing and we were able to minister to a little girl who sings the National Anthem at the Carolina Panther games.
  • The team leader had a dream this past week about Walmart shutting down because people were witnessing. We normally don’t minister to the employees and we were able to witness to both Walmart employees and customers – even to one of the managers.
  • Two team members ministered to a man walking with a cane who had gotten his legs broken in the Rodney King riots 20 years ago. He said he had done so many bad things he didn’t think he deserved to get prayer. They prayed with and ministered to him healing and peace.

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