Watch Report — March 23, 2012


Watch Focus: Outpouring 2012 Youth


God Wants to Give us the City! 

Now the Lord said to Joshua: “Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed; take all the people of war with you, and arise, go up to Ai. See, I have given into your hand the king of Ai, his people, his city, and his land. (Joshua 8:1 AMP)

As an act of worship the Shabbat candles were lit. Later, there was dancing, praising and celebration in “the camp” at the word that God wants to give us the city!

Message: Mahesh Chavda

God showed favor on Samuel because he was amongst those who called on His Name. Psalm 99:5-6. Not one thing will fall to the ground when you worship and praise the Lord.

When God opens a door for you to serve, you are working in His house and He is a rewarder. Every seed you sow, He will bring back one hundred fold. Wherever you can give strength, it is seed producing.

I have a special gift for the ladies. Stand up! Psalm 90:17. God is releasing over you the beauty of the Lord! God’s going to give husbands for those of you who have a dream of being married. I, Mahesh, have a burden for that this year. I felt the vibration on these words coming from God’s throne.

Sid Roth is moving to this city. They just got a wonderful building in Charlotte. Sid said whenever you blow the shofar all the living promises in God’s Word come to you. Mahesh blew the shofar. Yes, Lord! Yes and Amen!

Joshua 6:16. Joshua gives a prophetic declaration, Shout! You will face the biggest giant when you say yes. Sometimes the Lord won’t give you all the revelation you need. But He gave them His Word - He already told them He would give them the promised land.

God wants to give us the city! We declare this is a debt-free zone. We need $2 million for this building. I believe for the finances.
When I hear something in the glory, that word is true on several levels. I went on a forty day fast several years ago. I had to do a miracle service on the fortieth day. I was in a trance. In front of me, I saw a Native American man, with native jewelry, leather vest and pigtails. He came and said, “I’m thirsty”. The Lord said, “Give him water”. His face was torn and bleeding. The Lord said it again, “Give him water”. When I went to church, I told the people about the vision. This man literally walked up as I was talking. Right in front of us, the doors opened and this handsome Native American man came up and said, “I need to be saved”. His wife had asked him for a divorce. He was a native jewelry maker and seller, shattered and unsaved. He didn’t realize he was pulling into a church parking lot when he pulled off the side of the road as he cried out to God. The next day, his wife flew in and they both got saved and baptized. Give the Living Water of Christ to those who are dying and thirsty out there.

The true prophetic word has several levels. At one level it will be Yes and Amen. To the degree you have faith, to the degree the Lord will open to you. Take possession of this prophetic word in Joshua 6:16 over your life, job, children, city and region. Charlotte and Fort Mill will have thousands coming to Christ! Declare, “He is giving me the city!”

God is going to give us people with addictions, people from broken families, gangs, those who are fatherless and young women. God is giving us these people. We will claim in April that the spirit of murder and violence are bound and will not be allowed to function in our city. Claim it! May the Lord show us how to pray. Example: We bind fatherlessness, which causes these guys to go into gangs. They’re dying of thirst.

Pray for strategic cities, such as Chicago - binding the spirit of murder on the South side. We send shalom to Miami. A kid got shot this past week. We send supernaturally the spirit of comfort to his family and to his community. The praying Watch and Church need to rise up and bind violence and murder. May the Lord bind up the wounds and give comfort to those in and around that city.

When the Lord’s Presence is not there, the law enforcement can only do so much. In the Watch of the Lord ®, we have bound the spirit of racism and bigotry. It’s better when the Holy Spirit comes in like a flood. Pray for the canopy of glory over Charlotte and our children. Bind the spirit of murder and violence away from them. We stand on the wall and bind those spirits and welcome the Holy Spirit. And we loose healing, deliverance, love and revival!

When Papa Seymour brought in revival, it was a chief weapon against bigotry. We will be confident. We pray for protection over our kids. We are going to another level of glory. I feel like, in the spirit realm, the devil breaks a bag of yuck over you. We won’t buy accusation, anger or division.

Acts 2:41-47. For years I had religion, but then the Holy Spirit came and I wanted to hug everyone. Get filled with the Holy Spirit and allow the love to come in. Come Holy Spirit! Lord, we shout Your Praise, Your Victory, we thank you for giving us Your love, Your Power – we release Your Glory over our city!!


  • Murder and Violence: We pray there will be no murder or violence in the city of Charlotte and Fort Mill as we bind the spirits. We come against homicide. Isaiah 55:1-2; Jeremiah 33:3. Raise up the watchmen over this city, nation, Miami, Chicago and Detroit. We hear and see what You are declaring. You are giving us the city. We release Your Spirit over Charlotte and Fort Mill. Your glory is rising. We thank You for the Father’s heart and love for those hungry and thirsty for You. Ooze out Your favor over us and all those we come into contact. Thank You for souls coming into the kingdom. Bless this area with Your shalom. We are going out and taking the land in Your name. We see Your glory in the light shining through the darkness. We see, we see! We take authority right now over murder. We have the authority to bind the spirit of murder.
  • Fort Mill and Charlotte: We desire Your Presence over this city. You had a purpose in mind when You created her. Fan the flame, wakey, wakey. We stand in the gap for past injustices. We decree and declare, “Revival” in the streets of Charlotte. Your angels, signs, wonders and miracles are loosed in the city. We welcome and invite Your Presence. Thank You for Your glory in the justice system and health care. We speak wholeness and healing loosed over the city. Thank You for the turnaround. We decree there will be revival meetings on the street corners instead of gang meetings. We welcome Your Presence.
  • Miami: We bind the spirit of confusion. Psalm 35. We declare a shift in how people are seeing racism and bigotry. Touch this community with Your shalom and heal their broken hearts. We bind the spirit of murder.
  • Youth: We bless You for the children, their purpose and the promises You have for them. The light within them is a beacon testifying of Your goodness. We bless them with the blessing of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow. Thank You for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire now. Psalm 37:1-4. The next generation is set apart as the pure in heart by the love of God. The pure in heart see God. Our youth have a different spirit. Numbers 14:24. Thank You for the young people that they have a purpose and know Your love. Increase the random acts of kindness. Give them a revelation of Your love. Fill them up Lord with more as they seek Your heart. Romans 2:4. Zephaniah 3:11. May they know Your love in a real way! Set them free from bondage. Break out in the children from Pre-K to College. Your Spirit dwells in them. The spirit of Daniel would be in them and a key in Your hand. We lift up every gang leader from the North, South, East and West. Awaken them to their destiny and purpose in You.
  • Colleges: We cover every college in this nation and the nations. Cover it with Your blood and revival fire. Break out in each college. We bind the spirit of violence over the college campuses. Your Spirit will be known. Thank You for the FCA. You want young men and women to give service to You also.
  • ANC/CMI: You have ANC as Your beloved Bride. You are measuring it out. She will not go away empty. Every chair will be filled and every need met. Nothing missing or lacking. Thank You for health and healing. Bless CMI and Partners. We can shout for You have given us the city. Refresh the leaders. Jubilee with debts canceled. Psalm 23:1-3, 91.
  • America: We release Your Presence over America from the North, South, East and West. It was founded on Your word. You don’t forget Your promises. We call it forth now. Sweep over the land, our government, voters and media. Let Your Presence infiltrate the minds of America.
  • Israel: Protection. Safety in the midst of her enemies. We release Your promises over Israel. You stand guard. You neither slumber nor sleep.

Scripture References

Zech. 10:1; Acts 2:17-18; Joel 2:23-24

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Prophetic Act: Declare, “I have a different spirit”. Watchman: God is no longer in our schools. Youth: I have a different spirit. Watchman: God is no longer in our nation. Youth: I have a different spirit. Watchman: God is no longer ruling the youth. Youth: I have a different spirit. Watchman: God is no longer ruling the people. Youth: I have a different spirit.
  • Vision: The Lord is digging out ditches as we pray. It’s like a well He can fill. Dig and dig and dig that hole in Charlotte and fill it with rivers of Living Water so people can come and drink.
  • Vision: I see ANC dancing with the Lord, like Ruth and Boaz in Ruth 3. Ruth did not go back empty handed.
  • Word: Chin up! Chin up! The King of Glory is within you. There is a fountain so deep within you. Don't be afraid to let it pour out! You are My workmanship; there will be an increase of My Spirit among the places you dwell. That means complete order and Shalom. Chin up! Chin up! You are a King and a Priest.

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