Watch Report — January 20, 2012


Watch Focus: Let Us LEAP into the Year of Increase!


When Creation Harmonizes with Heaven!

Oh, visit the earth; ask her to join the dance! Deck her out in spring showers; fill the God-River with living water. .. Creation was made for this! … Set the hills to dancing, Dress the canyon walls with live sheep, a drape of flax across the valleys. Let them shout, and shout, and shout! Oh, oh, let them sing! (Psalm 65:9-13 MSG)

God poured out His Spirit during worship. There were many words and visions released as the River flowed freely. Portals were open as we ministered before the throne of grace.

Message: Michael Neukam


What God favors, He flavors. Salt brings out God’s flavor. Matt. 5:13. When we put on the mantle of the Spirit of God, we put on His mantle of favor, and we walk in miracles, signs and wonders.

Places we want to add flavor to:


I (Michael) brought this elephant garlic as an example of atmosphere. When I purchased it and placed it in my car, it began to permeate the atmosphere with its aroma. We can emit the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit. Ps. 5:12. We are surrounded with favor and glory as with a shield.

Jesus is our ultimate example of favor. Matt. 8:3. The leper needed one touch from Jesus. Signs and wonders in the life of Jesus. Other examples are found in Matt. 8:13, 15, 16, 27 & 32. We see dunamis power and authority in Matt. 10:1. This is a night of breakthrough.

Num. 6:23. He looks upon us with favor. He changes us. We step into it. We are singled out. We change the atmosphere. Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord and his destiny was changed.

Mark 16:15-18. Tenacity of faith in the church. We will stand to see what the Lord will do. Signs follow those who believe.


Is. 30:21 - Words spoken should be positive and declarative. The Father is speaking good things. We likewise as sons should speak the same.

Salt. Col. 4:6. Bring out the flavor in our communication – with grace, seasoned with salt. HOW you say it is as important as WHAT you say. This will elevate you to the next level.

Also with thankfulness, an attitude of gratitude. You have a choice to extract negative words from your vocabulary lesson. Prov. 16:24 – pleasant words.

God will help us define things. Example: David with Goliath in 1 Sam. 17:45-47. I come at you with the name of the Lord… God has faith-filled promises in us. God is on the move. Matt. 17:20.

Corporate Life

Milk and Honey – the land of promise. This is the season for corporate breakthrough and corporate resurrection. It’s time to get militant about our breakthrough – volunteer freely. Ps. 110:3.

Ps. 68. Greater victory is coming. Michael referenced The Yom Kippur War and a lone Israeli soldier. In the natural, he seemed alone but the enemy was able to see the angel army that was with him. And in our worship, we are surrounded by a company of angels. Our God is a God –of-Angel-Armies!

Corporate favor! No matter where we are, we have favor. We are coming out with victory and triumph. You will come out with more than before!


I (Michael) had a dream of a house with lots of evil spirits. It was about my own life regarding breakthrough. The last room of the house was huge. And in the dream, I took the shofar and stabbed the body of the beast. An extreme explosion of glory came forth. The sound of the shofar obliterated the enemy.

Today is the day of salvation and for His glory to breakthrough for His children.

Shofar players came forth to make a sound that pierces the enemy! Chains will fall off and sickness will flee. Bondages are loosed. Step into the glory!


  • Pro-LIFE: If we have found favor with You, hear our prayer. Roe vs. Wade. Put Your favor in our local municipality and courts, a Medes and Persian override on this law. Silence those who won’t stand. The law of the people is saying this is wrong and we push through and overturn Roe vs. Wade. We pray healing for those present with us that have had abortions. Turn their hearts toward You that they will have a heart for You to heal them. Protect the children in the womb. Draw them to You. Train up children. We recognize Your favor. Lift Your laws higher than the laws of the land. Restore the gift of life. We decree favor over the unborn, every child in the womb. We speak love, life, hope, destiny, promise and breakthrough. Isa. 54:17. To every child we say, “Your Father loves you and formed you.” Jer. 29:11. We thank God for life. We declare shalom to the mothers. Loose the reigns of life so bonding can take place between mother and child. We welcome every unborn child into LIFE! We are all called Daniels to go and take back and reclaim everything that’s been lost.
  • Israel: Isa. 58:11-12. Thank You for blessing and prosperity in every area of government. Favor from other nations. Peace in Jerusalem.
  • Nations: You are Father to all. We pray Your love will come like a thick wave. Shake the nations of the earth with Your glory. Your comfort, order and shalom.
  • America/Government: We are commanded to pray for our nation that it would be peaceable and have a quality of life. Give us leaders such that would be to Your glory. Cover South Carolina. Bind the spirit of witchcraft, Jezebel that would seek to influence hearts and minds of voters. We pray that Your hand and Spirit would move the hearts. May the right person be elected; someone after Your own heart that has an understanding of the times. This country will arise from the ashes. Raise up a David from the people. God first! We follow You. Four corners of South Carolina come; this is your time of favor. Uncover the hidden things. We seek Your face. Bless the elections. We draw a line. Open blind eyes and shut the mouth of the deceitful ones. Reveal Your candidate. Give them the flavor of favor.
  • Nation: We are blessed and we declare landslide in the elections. Restore foundations of education. This is a godly nation. Rekindle the fire. Come back in and be enthroned in our nation. Come with Your easy yoke and light burden. The latter house shall be greater. Haggai 2:9.
  • Military: You are God the angel armies. Send angels to bring comfort and protection.
  • Economy: Restoration. Entrepreneurs, new ideas and business spring forth. Federal and state government will make it easy for new businesses to start and flourish. Pray for old types of industry to flourish once again; oil, mining etc… Regained confidence and stability in the housing market. You are well able.
  • City: The battle is the Lord’s. God’s plan. People are drawn here by God. We declare Zeph. 3:17. Charlotte belongs to God.
  • ANC/CMI: Thank You for leadership. There is a banner of love over them. We are one as You and the Father are One. . John 17. Thank You for enlargement. The leadership is equipping us with weapons. Isa. 54:17. You are our rear guard and You are going before us. We will reveal Messiah in the risen Church.
  • Children/Family: Favor. Surround them like a shield. None shall be lost. They have destiny and the enemy can’t touch this. The glory bubble is around them. They have a hope and future. Bring back the children again to this Christian nation.

Scripture References

Isa. 54:2-4, 11-13, 17; Ps. 18:29, 23:1-3, 24:8, 105:37; 118; Matt. 15:7; Hab. 2; Gen. 30:43; Phil. 4:19

Prophetic Word/Vision from Bonnie Chavda

  • Word: We encourage you to take part in our Corporate Fast. Derek Prince, our spiritual mentor, used to say, “A seven-day fast will change your destiny.” Isa. 49. Is the Scripture God is giving us now. It’s the Time of favor. The Lord says, “I hear you.” The Lord’s ear is open to our prayer like never before. In the day of salvation, He will help you. He will give you as a covenant to recover your desolate heritage.
  • Vision: Two huge ancient doors. They have begun to crack open. Those things that have not budged, you are on the horizon of breakthrough. Raise your hands up. These doors are opening. As a manufacturer’s words, “This is not time to go wobbly”. Ps. 24.
  • Song: Be Lifted Up You Ancient Doors

Other Prophetic Word/Visions/Songs

  • Prophetic Act: When men landed on the moon, they took their flag and stuck it in the ground. Put your hands up with your flag and drive it in the ground to claim your territory.
  • Word: Deut. 28:13. Homes, family and church, you are the head and not the tail; above and not beneath. We are on the front lines and advancing. He is giving us a living impartation. He is bringing us to the front. There’s a list for jobs and financial increase. Receive today the impartation. We are in a living moment and we are getting bumped up to first class. This word is for the pastors and church.
  • Word of Knowledge: Healing from fear, phobias, mouth problems, heart trouble and lupus.
  • Dream: In a room at a wedding banquet there were three men and I had a choice of who would be my groom. The first man represented fame, fortune and celebrity status but there were shadows in his eyes. The second man represented the American dream, a white picket fence, family and influence. The third man was dressed in a shabby brown jacket. There was a golden glimpse of the glory cloud in his eyes. I knew he was the one because if you have the glory, you have all you need. The humble man handed me a well worn piece of brown paper he had been carrying for a long time. I began to weep as I recognized it was a precious gift of my own love and fasting for Him. It was a deposit He carried close to His heart. It was aslo Jesus in the wilderness for forty days. Each day He carried us in His heart. Fasting is a precious thing – it is full of intimacy and love!
  • Prophetic Act/Song: When We Swing in Your Presence, We Can See Your Perspective. We swing with the Lord in His glory and ask for a swing vote. Shift some people’s vision at the voting polls. We need a PUSH from heaven. Everyone gathered in the front and moved from side to side representing a swing and push from heaven. Word. There’s a four-legged race. The Lord is the push, Anchorman-the fourth person is the most experienced who will take up the slack. He’s the fastest. Jesus is the fourth Man with a victorious smile and He’s at the Watch of the Lord ® tonight. It’s the season of the fourth Man and He’s got it!
  • Vision: Rain falling in the sanctuary. Each drop represented a need being met. In one drop there was favor, peace, blessing, knowledge, healing etc…
  • Vision: I saw the Lord’s Word smashing, demolishing a pillar of debt. It can’t be paid back in the natural, only supernaturally. God has compassion for man and hatred for debt. Word. Is my Word not a hammer? Start hammering on the pillars where there’s been lack with the words the pastors have been speaking. Word. Its hammer time can’t touch this!
  • Vision: White dove’s wings covering us.
  • Vision: During worship I saw us standing in the Lord’s stead as kings to extend the scepter of favor over our city, state and region. We had the authority to release blessing and change the atmosphere and blow away darkness by loosing light. We had the ability to change the seemingly impossible decrees of the past to the truth of His love.


I received a word from Bonnie that by this Thursday something was going to happen. This week a man approached me and my partner and offered to give us work if we ever needed extra carpentry jobs. It happened as she said and now I have a contact for more work. Favor!

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