Watch Report — December 16, 2011


Remember the Poor, Persecuted and Homeless


Maturing on the Journey of Faith!

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. (1 Cor. 13:11 NKJV)

And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth. (Matt. 28:18, NKJV)

During worship we gave glory, honor, dominion and power to Jesus forever and ever (Rev. 5:11).

Message: Mahesh Chavda

We are disciples learning how to do warfare and move in the Presence of God. Our senses are exercised to discern good and evil. We must mature. We need spiritual fathers and mentors. It is time for us (Mahesh and Bonnie) to pass on what we’ve learned.

The anointing is not enough alone. First, you must repent and be born again. You must emerge out of the birth canal. Luke 24:49. You need both: Dunamis—Power and Exousia—Authority.

You have to have a powerful weapon and be mature enough to use it. People pray for the anointing but must learn to be disciples. You must be able to receive instruction from those in authority.

It is a blessing to serve. Eventually, as you serve, authority starts coming over you. You learn to be a person under authority. Seek it and be guided by it. Jesus is the ultimate authority.

God wants to put His great authority on His believers. We must learn how to wield and use our weapons of authority and power. We grow in the anointing and use our weapons by hearing the Lord’s voice.

Isa. 61 & Luke 4. In the spirit, our shoulders will get broader to carry the authority and anointing. We are committed to watching and standing in the gap for our nation. We are learning to steward the name of Jesus. We must be watchmen on the walls. We are like secretaries as we remind the Lord of His Word and promises. We are learning to be responsible in both word and deed. Maintain a revival culture. Learn to do awesome deeds. Revival is for every nation.

Merry Christmas!

We declare right now that the Kingdom of God is coming to our households this Christmas!

The people who have the clearest insight will receive instruction from God as we enter in the New Year. This is a new season of healing and prosperity. The Word wants to become living. You are covered by the power of God. The people of light will burn even brighter. The mantle is coming on us and the Kingdom of God will increase. Luke 2:8-12.

The glory is the living Presence. We are people of the Presence and Glory. The Shekinah comes and all your enemies are defeated.

The glory was absent for 400 years between the Old and New Testament. God makes the birth announcement to shepherds about the greatest king’s birth. Glory to God in the highest. He comes to the humble and the humble receive joy. On earth shalom and great joy to all people.

And the wise men from the East (from Iran) seek Him and follow the light of His Glory – they see His star and they lay all aside to come, bow down and worship the King of glory. Wise men still seek Him.

We bless Iran with fresh glory. We bless Syria and Egypt.

Matt. 2:7-13. Now there is a contrast between those drawn to God in worship and adoration and those operating in the spirit of death who want to kill the child. You must become wise with the wise men. The wise men were warned in a dream to not reveal the Lord’s whereabouts to Herod so they departed another way. Likewise, do not cooperate with the spirit of death.

Don’t back off because of political correctness. If you back off one inch, you will have to back off one mile etc… We must take a stand. We cannot be wimpy Christians. God works with the humble, hungry and poor. God is leaving certain things that are our responsibility. There is a real battle being waged. Eph. 6:12-13: Wrestling requires every bit of your strength. As watchmen, you need your eyes to be bright and alert. Take up the Watchman Ministry and start there!

When I had surgery, right away they made me start walking. Wounds need to heal inside out. It’s important that you don’t deactivate yourself. God allows us the struggle. We’ve got to get up and walk. Push a little more. He wants participation from us for our own benefit. Are we ready to watch and pray? We must be in faith! Believe it is happening! God is doing it! It has happened! We are on a journey of faith - if we seek Him, we will find Him

And, we will find people who are ready to believe. There will always be those whose heart is hard but many hearts will melt for Jesus.

Why did God use shepherds? These are the people making ready sacrificial lambs in the temple. Jesus is the Sacrificial Lamb. One of the names of God is Jehovah Rohi-The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. Psalm 23 is like an interview with the sheep. And in the Glory, in His presence – in the midst, He reveals His name.

He became poor for our richness.

Act of Thanksgiving: Everyone went to the front and recited Psalm 23 and gave God thanks from their heart.


  • Poor and Homeless: Father, we ask for provision on every front. We lose Your Church into doing the work of the ministry – in being your hands, feet and loving arms. We cry out for mercy for those in need. We decree Isaiah 61 for all those who are broken-hearted and in desperate need. We pray for food and shelter – we come against lack, poverty – You indeed became poor that all who believe may become rich. We bind the strongman of oppression and depression and we release Hope in this season of Light – we release Your promises and blessings – we release the ministers of Your salvation. May all those who sit in darkness, see Your Great Light.
  • Egypt and Iran-Persecuted Church: Father, You called the wise men and established them from the foundations. Even from of old, some of Your priests were in and from these nations and they made covenant with You. We bring these covenants into the light of Your remembrance and into their remembrance. We lift up the Church and the Light of the Gospel as it shines forth. Pour out holy boldness for Your Church to stand in these trying times. Call these nations to remembrance of how they saw You move. They saw You in their history. We call forth awakening and revival. Raise up Your people to stand in the broken down places. We bind the strongman. Ps. 2. We ask for our inheritance. Glory of God surround them again. Thank You! We decree it so in Jesus name!
  • Military: We pray Ps. 91 over our military. We send forth the Word with authority and break the spirit of suicide and homosexuality. Send Your light, provision and restoration. Restore the families with sweet honey for the soldiers who are returning home to their loved ones. We declare that there will be no stolen destinies. Send Your angelic protection on every side. We release wisdom and strategy!
  • Israel: King of the universe, thank You for bringing Israel into this time of signs and wonders. Raise up the Light of Christ. We pray the Spirit of God will move forth and light the hearts of men and women. Raise up a new set of patriots that can see the fulfillment of Christ. Set them on fire and put them in authority in all areas. Raise up new Daniels, Ruths, Abrahams and pour out Your blessing on them. Raise up angelic watchers over Jerusalem and Israel. Let it be said that with life, power and Presence miracles still happen there!
  • Protection for Canon Andrew White: We thank God for Andrew White. We agree one hundred percent and lift him up. Every barrier and blockage will be removed. Break every spirit of delay. Reverse the negative and give him divine favor. Open doors and give him peace and joy. Lift every burden.
  • ANC Family—No Lack!: We declare Ps. 23 over our families. We are prosperous and in good health. We say, “Noooo lack” as Your sheep. We are sheep, not goats. We decree that every need shall be met according to Your Word!

Scripture References

Matt.25:40; Luke 2:13-14

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