Watch Report — December 9, 2011


Pray for European Economic Crisis


We Are Riding the Wave of God’s Glory!

For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea. (Hab. 2:14 NKJV). And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east. His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory. (Ez. 43:2 NKJV)

The worship leader began by preparing the way for every heart, soul and mind to enter into harmony with the true and living God. We rode the wave into the Presence of God!

The watch leader declared tonight as a night of destiny. God has opened His palm and He is allowing us to write destiny with Him.


1 John 4:16. God is Love! Love is a Person! God is endless love!

God’s Love for Us

In the garden of Eden we see a Father who loved His son, Adam, passionately and immeasurably. When God lost His son, it was tragic. The Book of Luke gives the genealogy of Adam and lists him as being the son of God. God is after recovering His son, Adam. God’s love never quits. Ps. 136. His love didn’t quit at the doorway of the grave. It is a consuming fire. Many waters cannot quench God’s love. Song of Sol. 8:7.

John 3:16 shows the Son of God, Jesus, in His entire splendor - He was born in a manger for love’s sake.

Rom. 5:8. We see that this love God has for us is unconditional.

Heb. 13:8. God’s love doesn’t change over time. The same intensity of love from the beginning is displayed. Look at the scriptures of endearment and turn them around as God speaking to you. As the deer pants for water, so God pants for us! Ps. 42:1. God loves our presence and He loves having His children around Him. Emmanuel, God with us. God is not reluctantly dwelling with us. It is a paradise for God to dwell with us.

God is waiting for us to get a true revelation of how much He loves us. When we are missing from His Presence, He notices. He says in Song of Sol. 2:4 that His banner over us is love. He knows if we are missing.

If we don’t love God, our hearts grow hard. Once you taste the love of God, you cannot turn back! You are hooked forever! 1 Tim. 1:5.
The goal of our lives is to become love like our Father. God can easily fix all our problems but He wants us to develop in love. He is sculpting and shaping us to become like Him in total rest.

The Word of God says that if we love Him, we will keep His commandments. This is not legalistic. Our natural response to His love is a desire to keep His commandments.

We are born separated from God. If you are at a place where you don’t know how to relate to the Father, tell Him. As you open your heart to Him, the relationship will develop. Prayer is not mechanical; it is about a love relationship. We have a living relationship with the Father.

You will love God and His children. When you come into the House of the Lord, expect to find love among your brothers and sisters. This is where the Body is and anything can happen. The real question at the heart of each soul is, “Do you value me?” The Lord put the desire to be valued in each one of us. We are all at various levels in our walk and we need one another. John 13:35.

Love is the key. It is universal and transcends cultural differences. Everyone gravitates to love. Love fuels all the good things. 1 Cor. 13:13. We can love others to the same degree that God loves because of the love He put in us.

Bonnie Chavda

The Lord reminded me that the Watch of the Lord ® started as “Date Night With Jesus”. As with Ruth, who at the prompting of Naomi (a type of the Holy Spirit), lay all night on the threshing floor at Boaz’s feet (her Kinsman Redeemer) and fully awakened Boaz’s love for her, the Lord our Kinsman Redeemer is likewise responding and is very present tonight to shower us with His love.

Ruth is mentioned in the New Testament in the genealogy of Jesus in the epic record of Jesus’ advent. The Lord wants to encourage us that He loves the Watch of the Lord ® and there will come a day when the faithful who stood seeking the Lord will be revealed as taking part in His epic history.

Do you suppose Ruth imagined her name would be written in history? Do you suppose at her husband’s death, she felt the hand of God on her life? Do you suppose when she left Moab in sacrifice that she imagined that she would be in the lineage of the King of kings?

One of these days we will find our names in the very events that usher in the second coming of the King of glory!


  • European Economic Crisis: Vision from Bonnie Chavda: I see a picture of a wolf in the middle of a forest in the winter. I was looking at the wolf through a scope as if I were a hunter. In the Watch of the Lord ® we have authority over the spirit of man that would take advantage of the economy. This is the season for Europe and the enemy is on the hunt to take advantage of their leanness. Europe has a legacy. The Western World took root there. We pray for a shift. There will be strength for weakness in the leaders. Raise up Your men and women of wisdom. We stand in the gap as a neighbor. Luke 10; Zech. 2:11. Send godly counselors to take their place. Isa. 9:6-7. God, reign/rain down Your glory upon these nations. Nothing is too hard for our God. Wakey wakey! Hearts returning to the Lord. Jesus is the answer! We declare that Jesus is Europe’s economy – the Godhead is the cloud by day, the pillar by night, the manna from heaven and the water from the Rock – all provision! We declare the good news is the bad news was wrong. Ps. 46:3-5. We declare Ez. 37:4. Four winds awake! Europe will become a mighty powerhouse. Breathe Your life into their economy. We take the wolf tonight over Europe! We pray a leader would rise up like Peter as one who possesses the keys to take the kingdom. We loose the spirit of Christmas Glory over Europe – those who sit in darkness shall see a great light!
  • America: Renew hearts, minds and spirits. Jesus is the cornerstone of our government. We declare the cornerstone of mercy over this nation. We pass our children a godly heritage. In God we trust. God, pardon our nation as You find men and women who are standing up for justice and truth. You are seeking them! We thank You for blessing our economy. Turn the spirit of entitlement into wealth.
  • Military: Send your Spirit upon every one of Your servants and let them know they are loved. Raise up mentors to help them readjust to civilian life when they come home. We speak life to them – health, wholeness, healing, prosperity and blessings!
  • Israel: Thank You for the Hope of Israel. We pray they have the most miraculous Hanukah and see the hand of God moving. We pray the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Protect them. Take off the veil and bring revival. This is the season of Israel’s fullness.
  • Pastors/Spiritual Leaders: Growth. Ps. 91. Deeper revelation. Saturate us with Your love as we go with boldness into the world. We bless the pastors and their families with health, signs, wonders and miracles.
  • Church: Shake off the spirit of apathy. Wakey wakey!

Scripture References

Isa. 45:2; Ps. 45; Prov. 6: 6-8, 12:11, 22:7, 24:3-4

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Bonnie Chavda (See above for details.)
  • Vision of Ruth & Boaz
  • Vision of Wolf preying on European Economic vulnerability, but it was in the sights of the Watch of the Lord® to take it out.
  • Vision: A portal being opened in heaven with God troubling the water. Angels ascending and descending with salve for eyes and healing oils. The way is being prepared for the Bride of Christ. The Book of Remembrance is being opened.
  • Vision: Image of the Berlin Wall being torn down. His Spirit is taking down the walls. God still reigns.
  • Word: This is the season for shift. See the game “Pick-up sticks” in my place of employment (financial institution). I was asking the Lord why am I still here at my place of employment. With the unstable economy, my job is more stable now than it has ever been. I went out for lunch and as I passed by two women talking, the woman facing me was talking to the other and at the exact moment I passed by she said, “You are still there for a reason”. The shift we are going through is for the good. There is a blessing with each shift.
  • Prophetic Act: Everyone, young and old, joined to act out the words in Isa. 40:31 as the worship team sang the verse. Everyone moved across the front of the sanctuary mounting up with wings as eagles, not fainting and running and not being weary!


The Treasure Hunt Team gave testimony of praying for a young woman and her friend’s ankles. They were both miraculously healed. More Lord!!!

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