Watch Report — November 25, 2011


China-Underground Church


God is Invisible, Not Intangible!

The waters made it grow; Underground waters gave it height, With their rivers running around the place where it was planted, And sent out rivulets to all the trees of the field.(Ezekiel 31:4)

A group of watchmen gathered to continue giving thanksgiving unto God. The atmosphere was charged with one testimony after another. Everyone participated speaking forth thanks, prayers and declarations of God’s awesomeness.


  • China: God move upon the underground church in China. Provide them with safety in this dark hour. Be the light they need to continue on in the name of Jesus. Ps. 139. Give them a sword in one hand and a trough in the other. Give them liberty through the Holy Spirit. The land is being healed. 2 Chron. 7:14. Mend the relations between the Chinese and American government leaders. The underground church in China will burst forth like seeds being awakened and spring up like trees of righteousness in the land. God’s water will rain down and bring nourishment to the dry and thirsty souls.
  • America: Grace and mercy fall upon our leaders. Remind them of the covenant relationship this nation has with You. Prosperity, protection and favorable elections for the glory of God. Give our leaders night dreams and visions of Your strategy and night terrors where necessary to awaken them to Your plan of action. Open up finances for entrepreneurs to reestablish our economy.
  • Military: Protect the soldiers - mind and soul. Keep them from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS )and bring healing to those who’ve experienced PTSS.
  • Israel: Bless their borders with angelic hosts. Open their eyes to the reality of Messiah. Give the leaders strategic dreams and visions. Bind Israel and America together in shalom. Bless Your land with prosperity and favor.
  • Pastors, ANC, CMI: Thank You, Father, for this house of worship and our leaders. We ask for Your blessing on the Word that pours forth from this place. Give increase and influence to the leaders. Bless this house.

Scripture References

2 Cor. 3:17; Matt. 24:14; Hab. 2:14; Acts 2:18, 4:29-30; Rev. 12:11; Joel 2:28-29

Prophetic Words/Visions/Songs

  • Prophetic Act: Everyone surrounded two individuals from Russia as a point of contact for the underground church in China. People took turns offering up prayer and visions as the Holy Spirit orchestrated.
  • Word: China backwards represents a nation that is hidden in Christ! There are Holy Spirit fireworks over China. The ground is shaking and bursting forth with water as God is smiling.


A young watchman gave his wonderful testimony of how God answered his prayers after about a year of petition to attend West Point. His family received a personal phone call from a Congressman telling him he had been accepted. This is a dream come true after a long year of patiently waiting. He thought at one point he would have to settle for another offer, but God did not fail to open the door of opportunity with a scholarship of $500,000.

A woman was at work and God opened the door for her to pray for a man with a broken wrist. He said he had just broken it that past Saturday. She asked if she could pray and he was more than willing. He told her that his wrist began to tingle as she was praying for him. They were both in agreement that God was doing a mighty work!

A man received a message that his niece was completely off her medication. She is certain that God healed her from liver disease after two years of battling.

A man testified of God’s provision for him and his family since he lost his job after 36 years. He hasn’t missed a beat due to the Lord’s faithfulness. He received a check in the mail to cover the bills and gifts for his grandchildren’s Christmas. He said he is claiming outrageous prosperity. He encouraged everyone to claim this for their own situation. Outrageous prosperity!

A woman told of how she’s been praying for her daughters. She is seeing God working in both of her daughters’ lives through unusual circumstances.

One young man said he received the joy of the Lord since he heard a watchman give testimony of how God gave him an overflow of joy. He asked God for this joy and the Lord fulfilled his desire!

A man gave testimony of God’s favor during his teaching internship. He said he bombed out on the first two teaching classes and he immediately went to God in prayer. He told the Lord He would need to do something. After this request, God intervened and passed him through the rest of the classes with flying colors! The head teacher was amazed at the turnaround. A woman had a similar testimony only with exams she was taking for her Master’s Degree. God turned her situation around and she has been acing her exams!

God opened the door for a man to witness to his age-old friend who happens to be Baptist. The friend wasn’t in agreement with his practices at first, but when he found himself in a crisis, this watchman was the one who held the answer from God. He acknowledged the power of God in his life.

A man said he is experiencing the most joy ever; although, he is facing this holiday season after losing his wife last Christmas. He said the Lord is giving him strength through this time. He has been able to witness to his family and be the pillar of strength in their lives.

Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!

 The Watch