Watch Report – August 12, 2011


Pray for our Ally, Great Britain


When His Presence Shows Up!

The mountains melt like wax at the presence of the Lord, at the presence of the Lord of the whole earth. Ps. 97:5 (NKJV)

Extraordinary thanksgiving and worship ushered in God’s Presence. The team led the congregation in a prophetic act of bringing memorial stones to the altar of the Lord as was commanded in Joshua 4. And as we remembered the goodness, the power and majesty of the Lord and all that He has done for us, many came forward to lay prostrate on the floor weeping and pouring out their hearts to God as others sat quietly soaking in His presence that filled the room.

Prophetic Act

A twelve "brick" memorial was built in honor and adoration of the One we serve as the following prayers of thanksgiving were offered up to the Lord. We thank God for:

  • Jesus—the Good Shepherd (Ps. 23), our salvation and the Revealer of the Father.
  • Holy Spirit—our Comforter, Teacher, Friend and resident Lord of the Church - He abides with us and in us.
  • Our Heavenly Father—His Goodness and His Kingdom—Your Kingdom come, Your will be done!
  • Sonship—deliverance from spirit of the orphan and now being accepted in the beloved as heirs.
  • Eternal Life—through the Blood of the Lamb, the finished work of Christ, the price has been fully paid and we are now new creatures in Christ who will live forever!
  • Making us Salt and Light—our role as kings and priests, loosing heaven’s reign and authority on the earth and releasing acts of kindness (signs, wonders and miracles) that lead to repentance.
  • Our Children and Families—we are blessed with an abundance of love!
  • Local Churches & Pastors, Leaders—our ark of safety & refuge and those who labor to bring us from glory to glory, equipping us for the work of the ministry and for fellowship with one another.
  • Our Nation, America—God bless America and our Christian foundation, our heritage.
  • Israel—we have been grafted into their covenant. We bless Israel—America will always be her friend.
  • Great Britain—for those the Lord sent out as Pilgrims and Puritans, for the great Revivals that came.
  • Our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world, the Church Universal and the Nations—He has made us one and has given us the nations as our inheritance—we ask for the nations!


  • Great Britain: Fresh arrows are being fired against the enemy against specific targets. There is fresh peace, reformation and shalom. Christ, break into the darkness and rise upon Great Britain. There is a great fortress around Great Britain and a burning desire for God igniting as flaming arrows. There are huge waves of peace and glory as a sea of glass. Jesus, change the hearts of those causing chaos. Give the leaders peace and clarity to make sane decisions. Touch the law enforcement and those in authority and download strategies. Protect Your chosen ones. We declare that Jesus will arise with healing in His wings over Great Britain. Let the darkness be thrown off and give them a hunger for righteousness. We speak life back into the family structure. We pray supernatural power over Islamic Muslims in Great Britain. Pour out your Spirit O Lord and perform supernatural signs and wonders. We bind the spirit of compromise and speak that the people will walk in grace and truth. Where Islam has come in, we release Your love. Raise up the standard of Your love. We speak life and restoration to the youth and cover them with the Blood of Jesus. Establish the church and cause a fresh fire to pour out on them.
  • Israel: We are on a plain with Jerusalem. Angels have surrounded the city this week and the enemy’s plans will come to naught.
  • America: He who is generous to the poor lends to the Lord. America has led the way in generosity to many nations. The Lord is in our economy, stock market. America is as the woman with the issue of blood who spent all but is now reaching out to touch the hem of His garment. The Lord is going to repay with interest for America’s kind deeds to the poor of the world. He is breaking the back of the “Lenders Fee” over America.
  • Troops: We think about the brave men and women who lost their lives in recent attacks and we ask, Lord, that Your presence be with their family members and friends during this time. We honor those who serve in uniform defending our freedoms.
  • Third Great Awakening: We pray in the awakening over Great Britain and America – calling forth the fire of the many revivals which began in Great Britain.

Message-Jason Oberman

The power of God was so thick that Jason was at a loss for words. The Holy Spirit had taken over as Jason stood before the people in awe of what God was doing. As we waited on the Lord, Jason and team began to get words of knowledge and release them. After a time of ministry, Jason was able to share a few key point and continue to release words of healing and personal prophecy.

There is power in our words and prayers. The time is “now” when we are moving into the declaration of the Word of God; it will manifest “now” on every level. When we speak under the unction of the Holy Ghost, the words will arise.

He shared how the Holy Spirit had awakened him out of a hard sleep at 3:00 a.m. on separate occasions within the past couple of weeks and gave him Psalm 119:105. This scripture began to resonate in his head. The Word of God is powerful! The joy of the Lord is our strength!

Again, the Holy Spirit was so thick, that we were unable to do anything else except wait on the Lord in silence and worship.


Ps. 37:37-40; 1Tim. 2:1-2; Lev. 26:6; Jer. 33:6; 2Sam. 24:25; Acts 2:17

Prophetic Visions/Songs

Words of knowledge for healing were released in the areas of kidney stones, gall bladder, digestive track, miscarriages and toe problems.

Prophetic words were released to many in attendance, many of whom were youth.

Bonnie saw three friends letting their friends, who needed a healing touch, down through the roof. There is going to be breakthrough! Two cancer concerns, one internal and the other external. Tonight we declare it is done, done, done! Ps. 23:4

The glory bomb is going off and has two shockwaves. First, for our body and all physical attacks. It’s over and the tide has turned. Second, this shockwave rolled the ground back and a circle of demarcation was set in the ground. There is a release of new authority in healing and a fence where sickness cannot enter has been erected.

There has begun a digging of the old wells where the water holes have been stopped. The water will begin to flow freely to bring back the glory.


The Treasure Hunt team came back with many testimonies of how God showed up and brought words of knowledge and healing. He used the youth to pray for people on the street and they saw the Lord move in amazing ways.

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