Watch Report – July 15, 2011


Youth/Gang Violence, Drought and Debt Ceiling


We Decree Your Truth, Your Whole Truth, and Nothing But Your Truth, So Help Us God!

Forever, O LORD, Your word is settled in heaven. The entirety of Your word is truth, And every one of Your righteous judgments endures forever. Ps. 119:89,160

During Worship, we saturated the atmosphere with the Father’s Love. And later on we wielded our weapons of praise to slay the giants and bring God’s Kingdom to earth!


  • Fatherless: Drive out fear with perfect love and raise up heroes. Break spirit of rejection and release destiny. They are the heirs of the covenant and will turn to God. Release angels over cities besieged with gang violence such as Chicago, Boston, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, Charlotte, Columbia and Atlanta. Transform our hearts to be what they need.
  • Israel: God of the angel armies is watching over Israel. No one can destroy Israel. America and Israel are stuck together as family and brethren, as Eleazar and sword. Bind the spirit of anti-Semitism. Arch angel Michael and angels surround Israel. South Carolina stands with Israel, the tide is turning.
  • America: Release the captives by releasing Your rain/reign over America. We speak to the demon of debt and command you to loose your hold – you shall not pass! We declare fruitfulness. Leaders rising up with common sense. We declare a new breed is rising up in the nation’s capital. We call forth leaders with the spirit of David and Josiah to find the hidden altars. We lift up godly organizations so that their influence would increase even into the halls of our Congress. We decree California entrepreneurs come forth. We pronounce blessing on California as the Promise Land once again.
  • Troops: Charge the atmosphere around our troop with the spirit of Victory.Their weapons will cleave to their hand in victorious battle.
  • Local Church: Complete financial freedom. Infuse us so that we burst forth in the fire of God. Fragrance will capture people’s hearts. We declare the 3rd Great Awakening! Let it come!
  • Pastors: Ps. 1:3. Blessing. The blessing of God will chase them like the hounds of heaven.

Message: Mahesh Chavda

Mahesh began by discussing the major meeting happening in Washington discussing the giant of debt. It is weighing us down due to a lack of wisdom in not seeking God. Right now we declare, “This will not stand and it shall not pass!” We won’t pass this on to the generations to come. We slay the giant. We are a chosen generation who will do exploits by exercising faith like never before, declaring the works of the Lord.

Our culture is going down the tubes. California passed the law to educate children K-12 that homosexuality is an approved lifestyle. But we have the spirit of victory! God says this is the right time for breakthrough and turnaround!

2 Samuel 23:9-12; 1 Chronicles 11:10-14

Eleazar was one of David’s mighty men and he could face down a multitude of the enemy in the spirit of victory. One of his secrets is that he used a tested weapon – his sword. He wielded that sword so skillfully and mightily that it stuck to his hand. And on at least two occasions when the enemy came in, he stood in the midst of the field God had given to defend it (including Pas Dammim) and the Lord gave him victory.

Pas Dammim is the place where David slew Goliath. Years later, there’s another battle taking place on the same ground. (1 Chron. 11:13). The Lord gives His people certain ground. The enemy will come again to that ground. You must be in battle stance. If you don’t keep the field, the enemy will come again and take your children captive.

When my son, Ben, got healed of terminal kidney disease, every year at a certain time he would get deathly sick. It was the enemy. There was a cycle. Bonnie and I broke the cycle in the name of Jesus.

There is great victory coming for your house and children. The Lord is committed to give us victory. We want to charge the atmosphere with the spirit of victory. Over Washington we declare the spirit of victory. We will defeat the Philistine army coming against the people of God. God bless America! May they bow to Jesus in Washington, D.C. May we experience fruit. We declare revival in California. May God raise up His Standard. Debt is a demon. We bless America and ask for revival. Jesus is King and Lord over us and every nation. We release God’s glory over Iran, Russia, India and Indonesia. Our great purpose is to declare Jesus as Lord in the earth! The Lord wants to give us a battle victory in these areas. Rise up spirit of Eleazar!

I started out in ministry in humble beginnings. In one of my meetings, I kissed an elderly woman on the forehead and she fell out in the spirit. Once she got up, she said she was healed. I didn’t even pray for her, but God! Recently, I got an e-mail from a friend who needed prayer. I got a word and shared it with him. He took that word; he and his wife confessed the word. He got news that there’s nothing wrong. These words are given as KEYS. Apply them over your life as a word of God. Another testimony came via Facebook that a woman in India gave her life to the Lord after hearing one of my messages through a broadcast. She was about to commit suicide, but the Lord intervened supernaturally.

Years ago the lentil field of healing and deliverance was taken from the Church. Pills are the substitute. Slowly, we went into surrender. But mighty men and women don’t run from battle! Generations have run from battle and the enemy has taken their territory. Gay lifestyles in New York and California; Finances in America and we’re living on forty-five percent credit borrowed from other nations. We will go and possess the field!

Eleazar used his weapon many times. And we have a tested weapon - the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God. It is our weapon to defend the field of lentils that the Lord has given us. And it is time for us to arise and take our place. Our enemy does not define us. We must become masters of the weapons that God has given us: the Word, Prayer, the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, Praise, Praying in the Spirit. Get familiar with your weapon!

The Word of God is our weapon. 2 Cor. 10:4; Eph. 6: 17. Steep in the Word. Get use to it! Defend your lentil field! We have inherited abundance, blessing, healing, deliverance… We have a destiny God has placed in us and our stand will make a change for someone towards the Lord.

In ancient times, weapons had names such as Excalibur. The name of Jesus is our weapon! We must be one with Jesus. Eleazar’s hand cleaved (Hebrew: clung, wielded) to his sword. Take possession of your weapon. The word has life. The Lord is present. Jehovah Shammah. 2 Chron. 5:13-14. We put our shields together and bind the spirit of antichrist and negativity. We release revival. Together we overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Rev. 12:11.

The arrows that fly do not define us. Ps. 23. As you praise, the Presence comes. Don’t give up the lentil field! We need to get ALL our weapons and inheritance back and walk in it. May we carry His presence with us. Now Lord! Ps. 149 & 150. Mahesh blew the shofar and explained that praying in tongues creates the sound of the shofar, the sound of victory. Praise God, it is commanded. Doxa in the New Testament is glory. Praise, worship and honor are heart attitudes of adoration. Just as the sunflower is adoration. It faces the sun. Praise is the articulation of adoration. Possess the atmosphere to have doxa around you. Praise is never silent. Be like a sunflower! As we praise and pray, we bind the spirit of darkness. We must get our eyes off the enemy. Our praise binds the enemy. Our praise secures glory! Our praise becomes the song of the supernatural.

Praying in the Spirit is like charging our atmosphere. Elijah charged his atmosphere. 2 King 18. Praying in tongues makes us miracle-minded. We have direct access to God. 1 Cor. 14. We are moving forward as an unstoppable force for ourselves and our children. We have treasure in our earthen vessels. 2 Cor. 4. We are kings and priests. May we get ideas for business, stories, literature and much more. The angel of abundance is being released for bills paid, jobs and healing.

We prayed in tongues for 10 minutes and then entered into a time of high praise, taking our stand and decreeing victory over all!

Bonnie Chavda

We declare Isa. 33. The Lord is exalted. He dwells on high. He is our Justice, Stability, Abundance, Fear of the Lord, Judge, Lawgiver, King, Savior, and there is no sickness and the people said, “Amen”. We bind the spirit of witchcraft and Jezebel. We break the orphan spirit over our government. We are salt and light. We remember You and we exalt You. We roll back every word of doom and gloom. We declare, “God bless America!”


John 3:16; Ez. 37: 1-5; Mal. 4:5; Gen. 28: 17-19

Prophetic Visions/Songs

Song: Hallelujah Sin and Debt Have No Hold on Us!

What begins in California moves east. God will move the fault and there will be a quaking and move east. By the grace of Christ, we will see revival in finance and it will move east. We will take our stand. It will begin in San Francisco marching east by the move of the Lord.

Testimonies of Watchmen

My husband and I were praying for a particular need. We have been feeding birds faithfully for 18 years in our backyard. Recently, I woke up one morning and noticed what I thought was a weed growing under the bird feeder. I thought to uproot it, but never did. To our amazement, this “weed” grew into a huge sunflower! It only takes one seed sown to produce fruit. Sunflowers face the sun. I felt it was a sign for us from the Lord of His answer to our prayers. Ever since this sunflower has grown, my parents have had financial miracles, one after the other. God is saying, “I’m here! I’m faithful!”

 The Watch