Watch Report – June 24, 2011


Pray For Rain

There is a shift in the Atmosphere!

As soon as you hear the sound of marching in the tops of the poplar trees, move out to battle, because that will mean God has gone out in front of you to strike the Philistine army” 1 Chron. 14:15 (NIV).

Everyone came together in a harmonious sound of praise and worship to the Lord—calling the Holy Spirit to come like a Rushing Wind, like a Holy Fire, like a Mighty Flood—Open the Floodgates and Let it Rain!


  • Drought: Balance in the earth. Send rain to the dry places and remove rain from the flood areas. Rain down Your Spirit upon the land. Thank God for the overflow of the latter rain. Send Your revival fire. We ask for rain to the dry places, both physical and spiritual. God’s Living Water will pour through His people to the dry land. We forbid drought and wildfire; we release rain to come down in Jesus name. We agree with the Word of the Lord and declare a shift in the weather patterns to bring forth God’s glory. We join in harmony with the heavens. Restoration in the broken down places. Release of joy of the Lord to cast off the spirit of heaviness.
  • Israel: Isa. 60:16. Israel is God’s chosen people. God has given them the land as a promise according to His covenant. Blessing and favor. Establish borders. Salvation and fullness. Protect their inheritance. Turn back the enemy at the gate. Shalom. As watchmen, we have authority to turn back the enemy at the gate. We stood in the gap for Israel’s borders, and turned back the enemy that would try to overwhelm her. The Lord is their shield.
  • Middle East: Shalom!
  • America/Troops: Ps. 124. The fowler’s snare is broken over every area of our nation, our culture, our economy. But for the Lord, we would have been overwhelmed. He is for us, and He is delivering us. Our home is territory for the Living God.
  • Government/2012 Elections: Ps. 34. The Lord is our Judge and key Lawgiver. He will save us. God is turning our situation around. Give us leaders to lead our nation to victory. Send laborers into the harvest field. Keep our troops from harm. Ps. 121:7-8.
  • Economy: Revival. Give us revelation on what Jesus had already done on the Cross.
  • Local Church: Lord, awaken the dreams of this house. There’s a shift. Come Living Water. We call on You. We step into place so You can come with power and glory. We look on Your face. Let Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Increase. Shalom. Ps. 115:14.
  • Pastors: Ps. 26 over Mahesh. Send forth the voice of the Lion of Judah in the earth. Double portion over Mahesh and Bonnie. No weapon formed against them shall prevail. Make their crooked places straight. Health, wealth and protection over entire family. Pray for signs and wonders as Mahesh ministers in Ashland. Blessing, prosperity, increase and Open Heaven!
  • Watch of the Lord ®:God’s blessing, direction and vision.

Message: Michael Neukam

Michael first led us in a declaration in worship and exaltation to the Lord and for a release of signs, wonders , miracles and glory in our lives!

He spoke on the importance of believing and speaking the promises found in the Word of God over your life. He testified about the life of Russell Carter and his victory over a critical heart condition. Mr. Carter turned to God for healing and stood on God’s promises of healing. And out of that, he wrote a powerful song, Standing on the Promises of God, which Michael read.

In 1 Chron. 17:23 we see David’s response to God’s promises of what He had already done and what He was going to do in David’s lineage. David had a right attitude - powerful and positive – “Lord, let your word concerning your servant and his house be established forever!” We likewise need to activate God’s promises for God’s glory.

There should be no whining or complaining. We should be like Miriam in Exodus 15:20 – we need to celebrate and anticipate more! In that place, our vision will change and we will see miracles.

Activating God’s Promises – Rinse, Rest, Repeat.

Rinse. We rinse in the Blood of Jesus. Ephesians 5:25 and Revelation 19:13. Rinse your mind in the Blood of Jesus.

Rest. Relax in Him. He is waking up unfulfilled promises. Commune with the Holy Spirit. Ps. 33:4. God wakes up broken dreams. Jesus is the Word. Isa. 42:1. Jesus is the Servant. God guarantees house blessing for us, family and church. Each time we gather for the Watch of the Lord® He continues to build and establish us as we watch and pray. 2 Cor. 1:19-21 – All the promises of God are yes and amen. God will establish us and anoint us - rest in His Living power.

Repeat His Word. Michael mentioned an excellent resource for repeating God’s word in Mahesh’s booklet Keep Muttering. Speak, think and do the Word of God. Ps. 34, 103. Find weapons in the Word of God. God will fine tune us as we come in line with Him, as we become His mouthpiece to our generation. Bless the Lord breathing in and out – His fame, His power then becomes bigger than your situation, your circumstances – His joy, His angels, His protection surround you and His goodness permeates you. Prov. 15:15. Park in His word. Repeat His praise – repeat His blessing. Enter into the continual song of the Lord.

Michael ended by releasing everyone to pray for each other’s dreams – no more delay - turning around situation and circumstances until the breakthrough- declaring the shift from negative talk, fear and oppression as we walk in the power of the cross, the power of the Spirit to dreams fulfilled, For every dream! We are overcomers, more than conquerors through Him who loved us. Lord, do as You said - what You said, You will fulfill it!


Lev. 26:2; Deut. 11:11; Gen. 1:1, 26:1; Job 2:23-24; Joel 1:19-20; Isa. 3:32, 44:3-4; Matt. 16:19; Ps. 147:7; Mark 11:23; Rom. 9.

Prophetic Visions

The Lord is putting His people on like Joseph’s coat of many colors. He wants to pour dreams, hopes and visions into us.

Michael got a word of knowledge that the Lord was present to heal people with spinal vertebrae and neck injuries.

A picture of the Gaza Wall was seen. The enemy’s plan is a setup for the Lord. Watchmen are the wall of salvation over the East and Sheep Gates as we praise. We speak to the enemy and declare, “You shall not enter.” We fill up any breaches in the wall. Ps. 118:19. We are the watchmen in the gates and we hear the rumblings of the war angels in the gates.

A prophetic act took place to agree with the shift taking place in the heavens. Fourteen people, seven on each side stood facing one another. One side was drought and the other side rain. They met in the middle as they crossed over to the opposite side and gave each other a high five declaring, “The Shift is On!”

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