Watch Report – May 20, 2011





Israel: We pray that the Lord would use America to help others understand God’s plan and love for Israel. We thank God for Israel. Scripture declarations. Send Judah first and the Lord will set an ambush. We pray for Israel’s peace. Send angels to guard Israel and release Your glory to shine over Israel. Israel will possess their territory from beginning to end. We pray that God would be the wall of fire around Israel. We declare that God will hold those who oppose Israel in derision. We pray that the borders of Israel will be maintained and God would fight against those who oppose Israel. We declare that God will rise up and let His enemies be scattered over Israel. We pray that the Spirit of the Lord will be upon Benjamin Netanyahu as he speaks to Congress.

America/ Government: We pray for our administration to align with God’s will for Israel. We ask God to open the eyes of those who govern our country. We break the spirit of witchcraft that would have America be an enemy of Israel. The Lord is our Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branch. We pray for our Congress and Senate. We ask for a fresh visitation to pour out on our government. We pray for understanding and wisdom to come to our leaders. We pray for an awakening in our government. We stand in the gap for the friendship between Israel and America and declare it shall not be broken.

Armed Forces: We pray our troops will always be an ally of Israel and never fight against them. We ask that God would send His angels to protect our troops. We bind and resist the plot of the enemy.

2012 Elections: We pray that God would return to His people and grant us rest. We declare that those who fear the Lord and are just would be placed in leadership. We pray for good government.


Bonnie began by describing the first obligation of the gathering of the local Church in 1 Tim. 2:1-4:
Vs. 1: We are to give Supplication, Prayer, Intercession and Thanksgiving for all people. First obligation is prayer.
Vs. 2: We are to do this for kings and all those in authority that we may live peaceable lives. First assignment is good government.
Vs. 3: This is good and pleasing in the sight of God.
Vs. 4: God desires all people be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Good government facilitates the preaching of the Gospel.

The mission of the Church and obedience to pray for government is because good government fulfills the mission – to preach the Gospel. We should not make the mistake of assuming that democracy on its own will bring about a society that is good. Good government and the Church are directly divinely connected.

God’s authority is supreme in the universe (Matt. 28:18-19). The sovereign military power rest not with the king, but with the servants of God. God gives rulership to whom He will (Dan. 4:17). Unjust rulers grab our attention. God deals with these leaders in two ways:
  • Replacing evil rulers with good rulers.
  • Change an evil ruler and make him good.
We should pray for the type of ruler in 2 Sam. 23. Two distinct marks that describe a good ruler are being just and fearing the Lord. These rulers realize they are under another Ruler.

We declare Ps. 33:8-12. We can find ourselves and Israel blessed as a nation aligning with the will of God for good government.

The Church needs to understand that we are not Israel and Israel is not the Church. Jer. 30:3, We have been grafted into the tree whose root is the Lion of Judah. We have seen the beginning of the fulfillment in 1948 for Israel. This is the first time since the establishment of the State of Israel the American Administrative Policy shifted. As a little lion of the Jews, Benjamin Netanyahu declared to the world, Israel will not give up the land that the God of Israel gave to their fathers. Hosea 1:10. In Ezekiel 36:23-38 we see stage by stage devastation and restoration as God says, I will. In Ezekiel 36:37-38 God says, ask Me to do for them. The Jewish people will come to know Messiah through the fulfillment of His promises to them.

We owe our salvation to the Jews. Our Messiah comes from the Jewish people. We can align ourselves with Israel by blessing them and not cursing. Numbers 23, 24:9. The sound of our prayer has prophetic power. Isa. 40:1-2. The Jewish people need allies in this hour. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Joel 3:1-2 Christ will judge the nations on their treatment to Israel.

Prophetic Visions

One watchman wrote in that week about a vision of themselves and Mahesh and Bonnie in the midst of a large water pumping station, one large enough to supply the entire city of Charlotte. Its pipes even reached the borders of the city. And there were many towns in the surrounding and outlying regions making requests to the city officials to receive this pure water. We saw this pumping station as the Watch of the Lord® where the prayers of the watchmen were tapping into the pure water flowing from the River surrounding the throne of God (Rev. 22 and Ezek. 47) and along the banks of this River were trees whose leaves were for the healing of the nations. We declared healing for America and for Israel.

One watchman saw the boundary of Israel as God promised. Watchmen were standing on the wall arm in arm. Angels were with them as they did a dance stomp. The watchman heard the Lord say, “On every place you set your foot, I have given you the land”.

Another watchman saw a flag hanging in a car dealership earlier this week. The flag was drooping and it was quickened in their spirit that the Lord was saying we need to pray for the self-esteem of America.


2 Chron. 20:21, 32:8; Zech. 2:4-5; Eph. 1:21; Dan. 4:17; 1 Sam. 12:22; Ps. 67, 68, 94: 14-15, 122: 6-9; Matt. 23:37; Ez. 36:8; Obad. 1:17-18; Prov. 21:1


Mahesh gave words to a couple in 2002 for their ministry. One word was regarding a large financial blessing. The other word was that speaking in tongues would be pivotal to their ministry. Both words came true, including a tremendous financial gift that allowed their ministry to grow and flourish.

A Zion College student who joins us Online is in the medical profession. A woman in her office began to have a panic attack. All of the sudden, the student heard herself speaking in an unknown language (she had not spoken in tongues before, but in that moment of need, the Lord filled her mouth with His words and peace). Then she heard herself praying, “Jesus come into my heart.” To her surprise, the woman having the panic attack began repeating her words. The Lord’s peace came, and the Zion College student was able to instruct the woman in how to take hold of the Shalom of God the next time she felt like she was going to panic. On previous occasions, this particular woman has had to be rushed to the emergency room to deal with her panic attacks.

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