Watch Report – Good Friday, April 22, 2011


Resurrection Glory!

Divine Convergence — The Blood and the Glory!


Resurrection power for:
  • Israel, Japan, America and Armed Forces
  • America as a Christian nation and the Cross standing in our nation
  • Revival
  • Spiritual anemia
  • Governmental leaders
  • Employment
  • 2012 elections
  • Fires in Texas
  • Leadership in ANC and the church universal
  • Andrew White and his work in Baghdad and beyond
  • Blocked arteries and back problems


Bonnie spoke of Passover being one of three feasts where God commanded every family to be present at the Temple in Jerusalem. Every male was obligated to appear in Jerusalem to keep the Feast. Contemporary historian, Josephus, recorded that 250,000 lambs were slaughtered in Jerusalem for Passover, as there was a lamb for a household (or multiple households if a small group) (Ex. 12:3-4). He recorded that 2.5 million people celebrated Passover in Jerusalem during the time of our Lord.
  • Requirements for keeping of the feast: personal presence; offering; joyfulness — hallel (Ps. 113-118).
  • Israelites celebrated during the Passover: God’s deliverance. Note that actually when the fourth plague occurred in the times of Moses something shifted. The blood made a distinction and the Israelites were no longer subject to the plagues of Egypt. These were types of the true glory and reality of what we celebrate in this season. God separated Israel from an armed army. A land they could call their own. God had chosen their inheritance and their portion. Revealing of the identity of Messiah.
  • Jesus is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah: We have been grafted in Rom. 11:18-20. God called them His chosen people. Salvation is of the Jews. We have been made one new man Eph. 2:15. This has relevance today in our culture, position/stance and politics. Gives us clarity. Note that the last three years the Christian and Jewish calendars have converged during the Easter/Passover season. It seems as though things are getting closer and closer in God’s timing and the completion/fulfillment of His promises. The Seed sown, Deut. 7:6-8. Passover Lamb — many members. Unleavened bread — many members make one loaf.
  • The blood of Christ: The Door that was open for us, Revelation 4:1. The Resurrected Savior walking in the midst. The glory in this present darkness is the Presence that shines through us in Him. A Bridge. An answer.
  • The Cross: A Trinitarian work of complete surrender. Father surrendering up the Son of His love. The Son with the help of the Holy Spirit fully giving Himself in the seven-fold shedding of the Blood.
    Seven last sayings declared from the Cross:
  • forgiveness
  • eternal life
  • drink
  • family
  • identity and relationships
  • experiences of rejection, alienation and loneliness
  • culmination, the end, it is finished! perfectly perfect, completely complete is what we celebrate!
  • peace and rest, “Into Your hands, I commit My Spirit" Luke 23:46, declaration of faith!
Past, present and future. Full disclosure of I Am that I Am! Benchmark of creation. The plumb line. Provision and covering for every area of humanity and experience. In our temple providing propitiation. Our Redemption. Jesus is the purchase price. Justification in the court is avenged and settled. For family. Reconciliation and identity. A bloody testament of His battle against the powers of darkness and the resurrection is the manifest glory of His victory. A threshold that we cross to be anointed to face any battle. We are equipped with authority and power, spiritual weapons and insight. Meaning to our faith and hope. Path to the Throne. Divine convergence – the blood and the glory.
  • The death of Jesus: His ultimate purpose. Mission accomplished. God’s victory plan. Four successive stages of victory over Satan. Predicted through all the prophesies in the Old Testament. Begun in the Incarnation when he took on the form of human flesh. The conquest achieved. It is finished! The conquest confirmed through the Resurrection!
  • Complete salvation: Phil 3:17-20; Rom. 6:14: death to life; darkness to light; bondage to glorious liberty; mourning to celebration; sorrow to joy.
  • Jubilee Law: Servants for life would have their ear pierced. It would take care of curses, accusations and various weights. Israelites would sit down Passover night reclining at a table, like a king with servants. Jesus washing the disciples feet. Servant.
  • Spiritual Anemia: Loss in personal knowledge of the power of the Blood of Jesus. We need a fresh visitation of the knowledge of the Blood of Jesus finding ourselves in Him for everything. Find yourself in complete passion in Him. Let go of the weights you’re carrying around.
  • Declare: You have a purpose, a certain mission, a clear destiny and it’s not complicated.


Matt. 13; Deut. 33:3; Col. 1:11-12; Ps. 41:10, 113:7, 133; Isa. 22:22, 30:30; 1 Tim. 2; Ex. 15

Prophetic Dreams/Visions

  • Bonnie saw a vision of two girls age 8 & 13 suffering from Leukemia. We loose the power of the Blood.
  • Bonnie also saw a vision of the Lord placing His covering of the Watch of the Lord® back over the territory.
  • One Watchman had a dream about talking with his dad about how to beat a bully with a stick. The interpretation was that the bully was the spirit of delay and the rod is the Watch of the Lord®. Together we performed a prophetic act of beating the spirit of delay with a stick until it broke and victory-breakthrough! We then marched in victory around the sanctuary. (2 Kings 13:18; Is. 30:31-32).
  • Right before this, the Watch leader had a vision of angels lined up, ready to mobilize, but waiting for release. Immediately after this another Watchmen began to pray to release.
  • Another Watchman saw a mama goose with seven little geese passing in front of the car at a drive-thru. New Life. The Lord said, “I AM the Resurrection, I AM the Life!" John 11:25-26.


Update on testimony of autism healing.

A family in Virginia came to a healing meeting several years ago. At age 4½ their son was still not talking, and was diagnosed with autism. Mahesh prayed for him and gave them a Healing from on High CD to play at night while he slept. A few days later, the boy asked his mother, “Where’s the talking man?” He was talking, and never stopped since.

This week the family called to report that the school had requested that they test their son’s IQ. The mother was concerned, but said yes. The school just informed them that their son had tested at a high academic level and they wanted to place him in the accelerated/gifted program at his school.

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