Watch Report – March 25, 2011


Armed Forces

Dwell in the Shelter of the Most High. Rest in the Shadow of the Almighty. FEAR NOT!


Armed Forces:
  • Decree Psalm 91. Bless the Lord for those willingly laying down their lives for the liberty we enjoy. Protection and victory for the soldiers and their family. Wisdom for the leaders as they send out our Armed Forces on missions in other countries. We combine our faith and knock on heaven’s door for the protection and safety of our troops. Thank God for America’s blessing of our Armed Forces being in unity as they go to and fro. We stand on the Word of God, which is the foundation of America. We honor, strengthen and cover our troops in prayer as they stand for us.
  • May the Lion of Judah speak to our Armed Forces so they would go forth with vision. Quick resolution and safe return home. Give leaders great wisdom, counsel and strategy. Wall of fire around the troops. Holy Spirit, minister to the families. The Captain of the Armies, The Spirit of the Lamb would fall upon our leadership. The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord would be upon our government. God would have mercy upon America. We put the Watch of the Lord® ahead of our Armed Forces.
  • God would command our Armed Forces that we would stand with Israel. Sec. of Defense will side with God and exercise wisdom and discernment, like Joshua, when our Armed Forces are called into situations. That our Armed Forces will receive honor and respect. God’s plan will trump every decision made. We stand in agreement with God’s righteous kingdom and every other kingdom will crumble and fall.
  • Let the Stone strike every other kingdom at its root. God would send His angels to minister to the soldiers. Captain of Armies would deliver our troops out of the hand of others and bring them home safe. Come against the spirit of depression and suicide facing the soldiers and family. No weapon formed against our Armed Forces shall prosper. Lift up our Commander and Chief, Pres. Obama before the Lord so he may be filled with wisdom and revelation and he would hear God’s voice and align himself with the purposes of God.


  • You are getting into the glory, the thick presence of the Holy Spirit of God. The Bridegroom is so excited that the bride is making herself ready. Prayer, praise and the gifts of the Spirit are the bride’s adornment!
  • Be alert in the spirit. The love God lavishes upon each person is for the purpose of others. God will cause you to pour out your love on the most unseemly people. Fresh impartation of the Holy Spirit.
  • The Lord is answering our prayers concerning Japan.
  • Pray for allied forces from other countries and our Armed Forces both here and abroad. We need our Armed Forces to be sent out strategically under the direction of wise leaders.
  • Things are being stirred and shaken up around the world. Something strong is happening.
  • Heb. 12:26-28
    • Mubarak reigned 30 years and Gaddafi 40 years. God is shaking everything that can be shaken and the end result will be “Jesus is coming”, which is our greatest joy. Be thankful. Please God and do not become part of the panic. God says when these things happen, be thankful and worship Him with fear and awe. Cultivate a spirit of worship and awe of God even more. The eternal kingdom is coming.
  • Daniel 2:31-35
    • Statue representing empires; gold: Babylonian (Nebuchadnezzar); silver: Medo-Persian (Darius & Cyrus); legs of iron and clay: Grecian (Alexander the Great) & Roman (Caesar); The Rock: Jesus (Matt. 21:42)
    • The empires will be judged by the King of Kings!
  • Psalm 91:1-11
    • God’s 911. Call when you’re in danger. Fresh help is being dispatched for you, your children and your family! God shelters you from the enemy. The condition is to make God your dwelling place, welcome the Holy Spirit, and praise Him by offering up thanksgiving to God. Stay in the shadow of the Almighty along with your entire family. Fear Not!
  • Ten R’s that come when you make the Most High your dwelling.
    1. Rest in God’s Shadow
    2. Refuge in God’s Fortress
    3. Redemption in His Power
    4. Reliance upon His Promises
    5. Retribution upon Your Enemies
    6. Resort from terror and destruction
    7. Reinforcement from angels for You and Children
    8. Rescue from Any Danger
    9. Requests Answered
    10. Resilience.
  • A disciplined life of making God your dwelling place!
  • Nurture friendship with God by reading your word daily, praying in tongues and tithing!


  • Bless Israel with peace!
  • As watchmen, we claim every blessing coming to us as we watch and pray!
  • I am receiving the “unshakeable” kingdom!
  • I am going to be thankful and please God by worshiping Him out of holy fear and awe!
  • I am increasing, I am being more thankful, I am going to worship and I am going to grow in the fear and awesomeness of God!
  • Ps. 91:1-11 over you, our Armed Forces, economy, children, Church, and nation!
  • Awesome God! I am going to celebrate His awesomeness!
  • No evil shall befall me or my children nor come near our dwelling!


Rev. 17:14; Isa. 41:12-13, 62:7; Ps. 50:15, 90:1; 2 Sam. 22:34-35; Matt. 24

Prophetic Dreams/Visions

  • Watchmen
    • Mahesh saw (in the Spirit) people praying in their native tongue. The Watch Leader called forth those who were present to represent their nation. Watchmen from the Congo, Romania, Great Britain, Philippines, Jamaica and Chile came forward to pray.
    • Jesus as the Lion. It is finished. The work of redemption is totally finished!
    • The heavens of the heavens, the universe of the universe cannot contain God or His love for us. It is immeasurable!


  • Mahesh testified about how God sent His angel to deliver him during a major tornado in Lubbock, TX (1970s). Even though Mahesh ignored the warnings to move to safety that he was hearing in his spirit, the angel came and lifted him out of harm’s way just in time. As the tornado tore through his apartment complex, the place where he had been sitting was sliced through by glass. He still has the scar from where one of the smaller fragments flew across his hand. God’s angels are real and they are here to help us!
  • A testimony was given how a watchman experienced calling God’s 911 during the week. Her car needed repair and the coolant system was not working properly. She made it to the mechanics just in time and the repairs were minimal. The mechanic was amazed that the car was able to function and bring her there safely. She received double favor as the shop gave her a loaner car while her car was being repaired.

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