Watch Report – January 28, 2011


Rise of Christianity in China

China is Coming up as a Watered Seed from Underground!

Isa. 61:11 (NIV) For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow, so the Sovereign LORD will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations.

Strong prophetic flow of prayers, songs and words for China characterized this watch. Two areas that the Holy Spirit highlighted throughout the watch was Isaiah 11:11, “as second time,” and setting China free from the orphan spirit. There was a living presence in the atmosphere for healing and deliverance especially for father issues (abandonment, adoption, abuse and rejection). A declaration went forth that the Lord has produced 100-fold fruit in China because of the good ground of the underground Church. (Luke 8:8). Spontaneous songs were sung for second chances as we harmonized with heaven. The redeemed of the Lord said so… His Spirit is alive everywhere!

Watchmen prayed and declared the following over the Church in China: Chinese Church is coming up from the underground to possess the land –Mysteries were released as we prayed in the Spirit -May China have a revelation of who they are in the Lord- Revival in the underground Church hitting every barrier-Miracles, healings and power!-Societal shift –Watchmen who grew up in the underground church in Siberia in the former Soviet Union testified to the power of the praying church in strengthening and sustaining them in times of persecution. He led the watch in corporate prayer to release boldness and strength to persevere to the underground church in China. The watch prayed for the Russian family as point of contact to break the spirit of rejection in China-Bring daughters to destiny; love fire of China starting in young girls-God won’t relent until He has them all-Prayer for other underground churches including Egypt- Underground Church is coming up like fire spewing all over-Every government that will not bow will feel the tremors-We ask for China as a part of our/God’s inheritance-Come against the trauma caused by an ungodly regime; healing, peace and calm would flow to China- The Lord is your Healer, China, and we slay the dragon-Sing over China the “red” wine (Isa. 27:1-5)-Healing and restoration for the families that were forced to give up their second child-Pull down the stronghold of child trafficking-the Lord will stretch forth His hand a second time for healing - The Lord is riding to redeem His Bride.

Scripture References

Acts 2:18; Joel 2:28, 29; 2Cor. 3:17; Matt. 24:14; Hab. 2:14; Ps. 2, 97; Jer. 1; Luke 1:72-75; Ps. 97; Eph. 3:14-19

Prophetic Songs/Visions/Proclamations

  • Prophetic Songs
    • Praise the Father, Praise the Son, Praise the Spirit Three in One-King of Glory, Have Your Glory-To Him Who Sits on the Throne Be Glory-Set Your Gaze on Him, the One Who Gave His Life and Rose Again-You Won’t Relent Until You Have it All-It is Rising, the Sound of Glory on the Earth-Awaken Sons and Daughters-I Have Set My Hand a Second Time-I Hear You Asking for the Nations, She Will Not Be Naked, Clothed in Righteousness, Keep Asking for the Nations By Name-Our God is an Awesome God
  • Prophetic Words
    • “I believe the Lord is taking some of us out of old mindsets, out of old strong holds and opening the veil. Things are getting loosed in the atmosphere! It’s time for us to become His living instruments of prophetic release in the earth! Call in sons and daughters to awaken to their destiny in the Lord! Vanishing of darkness and the releasing of Light! Fresh fire is coming on the watchmen of the house, older watchmen who’ve felt stuck, NOW is your time, awaken! I set my hand and I have forged the watchmen years ago, but I will set My hand a second time for the Watch of the Lord™! Watch and Pray!”
    • “Oh, China, I would say unto you, says your God, That I will come to you, for I will draw out of you the remnant of my people. You who are hard pressed and bowed down and heavy laden as a maiden comes to the well in the evening to draw out water. This is the Word of the Lord, That I will draw out of you My people and I will blow on them to revive them. I will bring them up again as streams of living water. I am for you. I am for you. You shall be built, you shall be inhabited, and the remnant of My people, My redeemed ones shall build a highway for My glory in China. They shall walk there. For I have sown in you precious seeds and down through the generations, even the blood of the martyrs have come into your land and mingled with your own and I have not forgotten you. And I say unto My Church, this is the name that I shall write over you “No longer forsaken, No longer desolate, No longer not visited’, this is your name, said the Lord. The name of that city is ‘The Lord is There!’ “ There are nations that have been abandoned as orphans and have picked up an orphan spirit. China is one of those nations that have had an orphan spirit on its identity. This is the era of My Son, for I will cause Him to rise and shine in and through you, before and to you, like never before. And have I not said the whole of creation is groaning and travailing, longing to see the manifestation of those who take on His glory. My glory is passing by even now, refiner’s fire and living water. The prophet is sticking the ax head in the water. No longer an orphan, said the Lord!” (Bonnie Chavda).


Five watchmen sent out from All Nations Church gave testimony of the powerful flow of the anointing for deliverance, healing and prophetic words imparted from Mahesh and Bonnie Chavda and the corporate anointing and prayers of the Watch of the Lord™ for an open heaven in 2011.

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