Watch Report – January 7, 2011


Christians in the Middle East

Lord, Give Us Boldness that we may speak Your word by stretching forth Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of your Holy Servant Jesus!

Habakkuk 1:5 (NIV) declares: Look among the nations and watch-Be utterly astounded! For I will work a work in your days which you would not believe, though it were told to you.

The Spirit of God was moving heavily upon the watchman this evening. One prophetic vision activated another; and we were led into an immense atmosphere of holiness! The watch leader started off the evening recapping the recent attacks upon the Church in the Middle East. Everyone in attendance was encouraged to come down front as a prophetic sign of the local Church interceding on behalf of the Church in the Middle East. As we grabbed hold of what the Spirit was saying, prayers were offered up for the Middle Eastern Church in the areas of: Release of a mighty harvest; People in bondage would see the Light; Open Heaven over the Middle East; God’s Spirit would be poured out to give Believers the boldness necessary for victory; God’s glory bubble over the Middle East; Revival fire flowing out of Egypt; God’s mercy would be poured out and shake the foundation; Love, Love, Love over the Middle East; Persecuted Believers would reach out in love to their offenders; and an “Hour of Visitation” for the lost, children, and Church.(Ps. 36:5-9) The watch leader encouraged everyone to sing in the spirit and pray for the salvation and visitation for the people sitting in darkness in the Middle East, and said the Lord would be downloading a picture of individuals from the Middle East they were praying for into their spirit. Additional petitions were lifted on behalf of Israel, Wisdom for the 112th Congress and a shift in the White House, Economy, Revival, Armed Forces, Local Pastors, and the Church.

The following key points were touched as the word was brought forth:

  • 2011 will be a year of prosperity and the breaking of the spirit of delay! The heavens will rend and release the spirit of generosity and prosperity (Mal 3: 10-12).
  • A reference was made to Mahesh’s instruction to “Watch Israel as a prophetic sign for the Church” and how the recent natural gas findings spoke volumes-God can turn around any situation and/or circumstances suddenly. A secular newspaper referenced the natural gas findings as “Discovery-Manna from Heaven” (Ps. 78:23).
  • Revival is coming to every area of life. Step into it! It requires action on the part of the Believer!
  • Gain a revelation of Jesus and who we are In Him-The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy! (Rev. 19:10)-If you are not looking, you will not see! (Gen. 28:11-17 & Rev. 4:1-3)
  • Focus your eyes on Jesus over ALL that is taking place in the world-Do it NOW!-Your faith is established through this; therefore, you will be able to withstand anything.
  • Manifestations and experiential encounters-It’s all about Him! (Eph. 1:17-20)
After the message, an invitation was issued for all to come and step into the river. The River of God was washing through the sanctuary touching all who were desirous for more of Jesus. People were all around soaking in God’s presence! He’s Alive! Business owners (present and future) were asked to come for prayer. Communion was served as the night came to a conclusion.

Scripture References

Mark 11:22; Isa. 19:19-21, 64:1; Matt. 5:10; Ps. 23 & 91; Acts 2; Heb. 12:22; Dan. 2:22

Prophetic Songs/Visions/Proclamations

  • The songs for the night were prophetic prayers and declarations piercing the heavens
    • Rend the Heavens- Joy and Gladness All Over the Earth-They that Wait upon the Lord, He Shall Renew Their Strength- I Love You!-You are My Beloved, There is Nothing I Won’t Do for You!-King of Glory, Have Your Glory- It is Finished!-Heaven Beckons Us-All Consuming Love, Touch Their Hearts Again-Send Your Fire and Purify Your Body-Jesus Reigns/Rains in this Place- Open Heavens, Reach up and Get It! –Feel the Weight of His Love, Feel the Wind of His Spirit, the Heartbeat of Heaven is Here!
  • Watchman Visions
    • A glimpse of the mega-harvest that is coming, triggered by Mahesh’s personal story of salvation. God is about to blow our mind! (1Cor.2:9)-God is delighting to pour out His mercy!
    • Jesus on the cross with the thieves beside Him (Luke 23:42-44).
    • Rivers flowing from the Middle East-Kingdom Volcano getting ready to erupt-something new is about to happen regarding the youth & love.
    • An unveiling taking place as the Bridegroom lifts the veil from over the Bride’s face-This is a vision of the Church being unveiled in the earth!
    • As the veil becomes thinner between the natural and the supernatural, intimacy will be established in the Love of God-Romance with Jesus!
    • The Church in the Middle East is a current-day illustration of the Church in Acts.


  • On the Watch of 12-17-2010, a word went out from a watchman that the Lord has said, “Start”, in the area of Outlandish and Outrageous giving. A watchman gave testimony that this word stirred in their spirit, so they gave twice the amount originally planned. The family had experienced a reduction in funds due to cutbacks caused by the recession. God looked upon them with favor and brought increase in the area of finance. They are continuing to see God’s hand upon their lives in this area today! Praise God!
  • Grandfather’s 911 emergency turned around suddenly by prayer- went from the ICU to released from the hospital in less than 24 hours. It is a picture of the season we are in. The Lord is releasing rivers of favor-Allow the Lord to build your faith as the Lord sends forth His angels to war on your behalf!
  • Mahesh’s testimony of his salvation experience ushered in the “Presence of the Lord” at a television studio-The presence was so tangible it caused some to weep.

 The Watch