Watch Report – December 10, 2010

Glad Tidings of Great Joy — Especially for our Troops!

The Watch focus was prayer for our troops. We entered in with rejoicing and thanksgiving and also the wonder of the Son (as the Lamb of God) given with glad tidings of great joy for all peoples, especially our troops. We also began with the determination to seek the Lord with our whole hearts according to Jer. 29:11-12 speaking “Shalom” into the atmosphere. As we seek the Lord, He will be found by each one who seeks Him with all their heart!
We entered into a time of worship of that Son given - the Lamb seated on the throne (Rev. 4, 5, 6) and shared Scriptures and prayers – we called upon the God of Angel Armies to surround our troops; we spoke encouragement to our troops and their leaders to contend until their mission was accomplished; we acknowledged our troops as shepherds watching over flocks in other nations; and declared that the Lord is their Shepherd (Ps. 23) providing them green pastures even in desert places; and we declared Psalm 24 and cried out for our troops to look up to the King of Glory. We blessed them and their families with the promises of deliverance and protection of Ps. 91; and we released an increase of salvation and deliverance from all fear. We also sang prophetically for a turnaround and breakthrough in their lives, the lives of their families, our families, and our nation. We declared that the seeds of their lives sown would reap a harvest of salvation!
Bonnie brought a message that continued in those themes of salvation, joy, and promises fulfilled. She had us set our minds to “prepare to receive joy”! She shared a dream where the Lord came and declared “I will keep My promises!” and she had us write it down; date it as a prophetic act of agreement and expectation; and prophetically decree it to one another as we held hands. Bonnie stated that we own this joy because of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
She further shared a few stories – one was about Mahesh waking up in extreme pain after an emergency surgery and the Lord answering by telling him to turn around – when Mahesh turned, he saw the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the Lord was singing to him from there – Mahesh was able to enter into that glory – he no longer felt the pain but instead was full of joy – a joy that is still with him and still overflowing. Another story was about the Battle of Lepanto which occurred on October 7th in the mid-1500s– Oct. 7th has prophetic significance as it is the date of many great battles in our history. At that battle in Lepanto, a small navy fleet of Christian crusaders defeated a large invading force of the enemy because the Lord answered the prayers of a small Christian church through a shift in the wind – that wind caused the enemy to be blinded by their own gun smoke. The third story was from Genesis where the Lord came the second time to Abraham and Abraham willingly offered up his son in response. The Angel of the Lord (Jesus pre-incarnate) came to that place of sacrifice, a mountain called Moriah – a place of seeing – a place where He Himself would willingly lay down His life – and the Lord had Abraham shift just slightly so that he could see the ram in the bush – the Lord’s provision. So the lesson for us is that it only takes a slight shift – in our vision, in our mindset, and sometimes in our physical body - to see and receive the promise! Another theme that Bonnie shared was how the place of sacrifice is not a valley but a mountain. And it was on that mountain, the place of sacrifice, that the Lord promised that Abraham’s descendants would possess that gate of their enemies. So the lives of our troops sown in Afghanistan, Iraq and other nations would result in their offspring possessing that gate. Again, the theme of seeds of lives that have been sown resulting in a harvest of souls!

Scriptural References

Job 11:13; Psalm 27; Psalm 97:10; Isaiah 54:17; Jude 1:24

Prophetic Songs/Visions/Proclamations

  • One Watchman declared that the angels would be released as “Escape Artist” for our troops according to Psalm 68:20
  • Another watchman said she was reading a book, written by a young child, and the highlight was “Jesus really loves the children and salvation!”
  • A watchman sensed that the theme for the evening had to do with “Originals” (rainbows, covenants, battles etc…)
  • The Lamb of God was magnified as we prophetically sang “We are casting down our crowns for the Lord’s renown” according to Revelation 4:10
  • A vision of people standing at the threshold of God’s glory was seen by another watchman. Ezekiel 10:4 Then the glory of the LORD rose from above the cherubim and moved to the threshold of the temple. The cloud filled the temple, and the court was full of the radiance of the glory of the LORD.


  • One watchman shared a testimony about a salvation that they heard of involving two soldiers in Afghanistan – it started with their casually sharing about a crusade they found out that they both had attended stateside. One of the soldiers happened to have been a worker for the crusade but the other left right before the altar call. The worker soldier said that they could take care of that part right then, right there and so the other soldier gave his heart to the Lord right then, right there. That testimony filled the atmosphere with great joy, wonder and appreciation – first for the King of Kings who came to give us salvation and then for our troops who daily lay down their lives for our protection.

Joy is exuberance that is independent of our circumstances!!!!!! So prepare yourself for joy - the Lord is keeping His promises! Let the Holy Spirit make that shift in you so that you can see and enter in!

 The Watch