It's Raining Miracles!

achilles healedsmThe corporate prophetic impression that unfolded as we worshiped and watched together was the rain pounding the East Coast is a sign of breakthrough in the Spirit. God is bringing His Change. God is confirming His word in signs and wonders!

Thyroid Swelling and Lump Instantly disappeared! A woman who has suffered from a thyroid condition for 16 years said that the swelling on her neck and a lump that she could feel when she swallowed instantly disappeared after prayer on Friday night.

Achilles Tendon Healed! Heather ruptured her achilles tendon on Monday. The doctors scheduled her for surgery to repair the severed tendon. She began listening to the Healing from on High CD as soon as she got home from the doctors, and by Friday when she went to get a cast, the doctor said, "I don't know what happened, but you no longer need surgery." She was was placed in a cast, but was still in a high level of pain. She could not put any weight on her injured leg. After prayer at the watch ALL the PAIN left her leg, and she was running and jumping around the sanctuary in her cast! Two days later, she was walking pain free with NO CAST!

Treasure Hunt Deliverance: Our treasure hunt teams go out during the Watch of the Lord, carrying the Presence and Testimony of Jesus from the watch to a local mall. The power of God was amazing, bringing many people into encounter with the Living Presence of God. One of our team members connected with a young man searching for a satanic bible in a bookstore. He was able to bring light to a soul searching for power, and was able to witness and share with him, praying for him in the store, and the young man encountered the true Delivering Power of the Holy Spirit manifest in his life.

Prophetic Impression from a Seasoned Watchman:
For three full days it had been raining over the Charlotte area - steady rain, saturating rain. I kept sensing it was very much a "rain" from the Lord, a sign to us. It was a seasonal change rain.

The Scripture kept coming to me out of Hosea 6:3 "....He will come to us like the rain!" So when Michael began to play that song by Misty Edwards, which actually was that Scripture I just entered into that word again and began to share - He has come to us!! The rain that has come for the past 3 days is Him!! He is here! The other part of it was when Elijah declared that the drought was over and the rain had come - it was also a sign that the curse was being broken off the land that came from corrupt leadership. It was a sign that a shift in the heavenlies had come, a change of season. So we began to declare that the change had come, a change of hearts in the leaders of the nation, a change in the economic climate, change on every level of society.

Then Armond got up and read from Hosea 6:2-3 "After two days He will revive us; On the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight. Let us know, Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD. His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, Like the latter and former rain to the earth."

Another watchman shared a dream - that President Obama asked him for spare "change"!  So we felt that meant that the administration would be coming to or looking to the Church for the change to come.
The government may offer 'hope' but it's the church of Jesus Christ that will bring the change!!

 The Watch